This Is How You Can Use Olive Oil For A Cleaner Home

When you think of a product dubbed a “jack of all trades”, olive oil probably doesn’t come to mind. But, between hydrating your cabinets and shining your silverware, this pantry staple has a few more uses than meets the eye. For instance, cloudy stainless steel is no match for olive oil’s buffing properties.

The Spruce suggests applying a small amount of olive oil to your stainless steel appliances and fixtures to reveal a brand-new shine. Plus, adding the oil to your pots and pans can protect them from scratches and tarnishes that may occur during washing. Simply use a soft towel to rub in and finish. If you’re dealing with a stain, The Kitchn recommends wiping the appliance down with a white vinegar solution and shining the area with your olive oil in a circular motion. Rather than spraying the spot with harsh chemicals that can strip your appliances, olive oil rehydrates and protects your metals. 

In a similar vein, your silverware can also benefit from a good scrub with olive oil. The outlet notes that, by applying olive oil to your forks and spoons, you can prolong their lives and defend against wear and tear. The Spruce notes that olive oil slows the oxidation process that often erodes even the most durable of silverware. These properties also hold true in your jewelry box as well. You can also use olive oil to protect your pearls! Gently rub a cloth dipped in olive oil over your gems for a shiny, protected exterior.

Olive oil works as a conditioner on a variety of surfaces

Olive oil’s conditioning properties are well documented, especially when it comes to different surfaces in your home. One of the most applicable areas includes your kitchen cabinets. Because of its conditioning properties, olive oil makes a great solvent for your wooden surfaces. The Kitchn suggests mixing olive oil with lemon juice for a natural, effective cleaner and protectant that works on anything from tables to desks and chairs. Following suit, olive oil has similar effects on leather. Cold-pressed oils work best on this surface, meaning that a dab of olive oil can put the shine and moisture back into your furniture.

Furthermore, if your wooden surfaces show signs of wear and tear with water rings and other stains, olive oil can come to the rescue yet again. The Spruce recommends applying olive oil to the stain or water ring with a soft cloth and gently buffing it off. For a product gentle enough for weekly use, mix olive oil with vinegar and lemon juice to create a natural cleaner that you can spray on as needed.

Lastly, the oil’s slick properties make cleaning measuring cups a breeze. If you have leftover ingredients stuck to the bottom of your cups, slide in some olive oil for a quick and painless removal, Taste of Home offers.

Bottom line: keep your olive oil on hand for household duties beyond cooking!

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