Alexis Ohanian's Special Secret Ritual With Daughter Olympia Has Us Swooning

Alexis Ohanian is proving once again that he’s a top-tier dad, and we absolutely love to see it.

On Thursday, the Reddit co-founder shared a video on Instagram detailing a special ritual he has with his eldest daughter Olympia. For every live television appearance the business mogul makes, he weaves in a secret sign only the 5-year-old knows about.

“I started playing this fun game with Olympia when I do live TV appearances,” Ohanian began. “I’ll ask her for a word or two that I can say on air that will let her know I’m thinking about her.”

For his latest appearance on CNBC to talk about his role as a seed investor for InstaCart, Olympia gave Ohanian a hilarious phrase to incorporate into his business conversation: “Taco ice cream.”

“It wasn’t easy,” the dad of two admitted before adding, “But let me know how you think I did.” Ohanian played a clip from his interview in which he talked about InstaCart becoming a more valuable tool for him after he became a father. “The ability to be able to scroll through and say, ‘Hey, it’s Tuesday, let’s get tacos’ or ‘I just want some ice cream,’ like whether it’s the impulse buy or the necessity — I just need this now — that has power, that has value, and I think the market’s going to keep showing that there are needs for this,” the investor seamlessly said. So stinking cute and absolutely giggle-inducing!

Fans ate up the hilariously heartwarming dad moment — one person commented, “The way you love and show up for her👌🏾.” Many others shared their fondness for Ohanian with messages including, “Top tier Dad work here 😂😂,” “This is super sweet and amazing, you’re the best Papa. 🌮🍦❤️,” and “I just adore you. What a stellar dad!”

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A lot of people applauded the flawless implementation of the phrase, with an Instagram user writing, “Olympia was suggesting something wacky but it translated effortlessly into a legitimate business case.” Another commented, “Great idea, you killed it. Flowed easy right into the conversation.”

Others, however, challenged Ohanian to keep the phrase all together next time: “I don’t know dude, you kind of separated them… 😂,” a fan joked. Influencer Kirk Andre commented, “Love this. We need the whole phrase together next time. 😂.”

During a July 2023 interview with People, Ohanian talked about additional special bonding activities he does with Olympia including leaving her notes with brief messages when she was learning how to read. We love when the doting dad of two shares the many ways he embraces fatherhood — he continues to be an excellent example of parenting at its best!

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