Fitness Bloggers Take A Stand Against Misleading #Fitspo Selfies

 Fitness bloggers from around the world are coming together to give users a much needed wake up call. They are debunking the stigma around those ‘picture perfect’ selfies. 

Internet sensation, Emily Skye, sent the internet into a frenzy when she posted this video. The video (below) proves that those impressive mirror pictures that you see fitness bloggers and celebrities taking is not all about hard work.

Jen Widerstrom, one of our fitness experts from the US took the following pictures two minutes apart, reminding her followers “We all look like this when we sit. Don’t stress about the way your body looks in certain positions.”

Australian model Steph Smith proves in her selfie that EVERYBODY has good and bad angles. Her side by side pics show her body in very different light. 

Misconception. Everybody has good and bad angles.. Everybody! It's pretty confronting posting a photo like this… But I decided to do it because showing you guys what is real is what's important to me. The photo on the right isn't edited at all, so it's not that it's not real, but just from the way I'm standing, I've managed to change the way my body looks quite dramatically. Obviously we don't upload photos of ourselves that we find ugly or unflattering – but I wanted to show that everybody does have those angles. Nobody is perfect. And both @laura.henshaw and myself are extremely passionate about making sure all of you have a healthy outlook on body image. Check out our latest blog post. Also join in… Particularly if you're a 'fitspo' or a 'model' – we'd love you to join us. Hashtag #misconceptionkic ❤️ PS : NEITHER OF US ARE SAYING THAT WE LOOK HORRIBLE IN THE LEFT PHOTOS… They're just not our 'best' angles ..

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At the end of the day we are all human and often what you see on Instagram is a picture taken by someone who knows how to work their angles and use lighting to their best advantage. As much as pictures often capture you from a good angle, they also capture the bad angles. We all have rolls when we sit down and we all struggle to do up our skinny jeans after a long lunch. –  don’t sweat about the little things work for a body you are proud of.

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