Apparently There Are 5 Different Types Of Butts—Which One Do You Have?

While we all know that some women are blessed with bigger booties than others, what you probably didn’t realize is that there are actually a whole lot of different types of butts out there.

With more than 50,000 butt examinations under his belt, Matthew Schulman, M.D., a plastic surgeon in New York, says that there are actually quite a few distinct shapes in existence. (He says he’s examined backsides originating from 35 different countries around the globe.) Based on his observations, he’s come up with five caboose classifications: square, V-shape, A-shape, round, and upside down heart.

So how do you know which type of tuchas you have? There are two main factors at play: the shape and size of your pelvis and the size of your glutes (specifically, how much fat you have on your cheeks). Here’s a breakdown of each and every booty:

1. Square
Schulman says this is the most common shape, especially in younger women. “In a square buttock, the hips and pelvis are the same width, giving a very boxy appearance,” he says.

2. V-Shape
This shape is seen in women with narrower hips and wider shoulders, as that angles the backside into a narrow “v” shape.

3. A-Shape
Women with wide hips will most likely have wider butts that look like the shape of a capital “A” from behind.

4. Round
Big booties seen on the likes of J.Lo and the Kardashian clan have a certain gravity-defying quality that Schulman classifies as “round.”

5. Upside Down Heart
This type is flatter at the top and fuller at the bottom of the cheeks. “In this shape, the buttock and hips are relatively round, however, there is more volume at the outer-lower portion of the buttock,” says Schulman. “This is a very natural-looking shape and the shape that you most commonly will see on bikini models.”

Ultimately, no matter what your butt type, we say rock it.

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