‘Plogging’ Might Just Be The Best Fitness Trend Yet

Move over Hygge and laters Lagom. There’s officially a new Scandi trend taking the wellness world by storm.   

Introducing, Plogging: the exercise movement that not only benefits your mind and body but also the environment.

Basically, it’s when you go for a run and collect rubbish on your travels (which makes sense considering it’s literally an amalgamation of the words ‘picking up” and “jogging.”)


“Plogging shares some characteristics with interval training, which uses recovery to improve fitness and fat burning,” explains Metro UK’s fitness expert Miranda Larbi. 

“It’s also got elements of mobility training – reaching down to pick up rubbish will extend the range of motion that you’re using.”

Plus, having to carry around a bag full of trash will help burn cals way quicker. Win.

Wanna get in on the craze? All you need is a solid pair of running shoes and a sturdy recycling bag. It also wouldn’t be a bad idea to don some gloves too (coz, germs).

So go forth, get fit AND do your bit for the planet, you eco-warrior, you!

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