Laura Henshaw’s 5 Tips On How To Stay Motivated For Running

Running is one of those things, you either love it or hate it. Here is my tips for those who aren’t natural running fans, and want to get into it but have no motivation to do so.

1. Set yourself goals (and start with small ones.)

If you are new to running and want to do a 5km fun run in the future it is important to set small goals in between where you are now and your big goal. It is much easier to put big goals in the too hard basket, so set attainable goals that you know you can achieve. Start by aiming to run for a whole song, and then walk one song. And from there build up to a 1km goal, 2km, 3km etc.

2. Keep consistent with your training

It is actually much harder to motivate yourself to run once a week than to run three/four times. If you are new to running try to aim for a minimum of three runs a week (every second day) and this way you will improve your fitness and also stay motivated by not leaving too much time in between runs. 

3. Make a good playlist

Music is a great way to keep motivated while you are running. You can always run faster and further when Beyoncé comes on! Make sure you have your playlist ready to go before you run so that way you don’t have to think about it while you’re running.

4. Download an app to track your run

I love using Map my Run or the Lorna Jane app to track my km’s and speed while I am running to help me track my progress overtime.

5. Add interval training into your running schedule

On our KIC program we have one interval and one endurance run session every week which helps to switch it up and keep sessions interesting. Interval training is also an amazing way to improve your fitness and endurance run time and distance. A great session for a newbie to running is 100m sprints. Measure out 100m and run as fast as you can for 100m, then walk back to the start and repeat x 10.

Laura Henshaw from Keep It Cleaner is part of the Women’s Health Fitfluential Network. She and bestie Steph Smith are incredibly passionate about leading a healthy lifestyle and influencing young girls to do the same.

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