Jessica Biel Swears By This $18 Product To Stay Fit

Jessica Biel recently gave her fans a little insight into her eating and exercise regime in a Ask Me Anything thread on Reddit.

The actor – who is currently promoting her new show Thriller – says she mixes it up between circuit training and yoga, and revealed that is her go-to for for on the go routines.

“It’s basically like a monthly membership thing where you have access,” she wrote. “You can do it all, anytime, anywhere. I’m not affiliated with them AT ALL, just think they’re a really good resource.”

And it’s only $18 a month for online access to over 4,000 different yoga classes. Genius.

When it comes to eating, the 35-year-old says she doesn’t so anything “super special” but tries to “eat really clean” with plenty of fruits, vegetables and fish.

Post Oscars. Pre party. Baby daddy duty.

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But she’s all about balance.

“Don’t get me wrong, I like my cheat days and I go BIG.”

A woman after our own heart.

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