The One Workout Move You're Probably (Definitely) Overdoing

Squats have long been spruiked as one of the best booty-burning exercises out. Not only are they super simple to pull off (crouch down, stand up, repeat) they’re also epic at toning the legs without increasing the size of your thighs (win.)

Which is why we’re kind of baffled to hear that one of Hollywood’s hottest trainers isn’t a huge fan.

Speaking to Business Insider, celebrity PT Dan Roberts explained that the move uses all the same muscles we use throughout the day.

“We tend to live quite quad-dominant lives,” he said, adding that we spend the majority of our time sitting, which causes our hip flexors to tighten and glutes to “switch out.” 

“Certain things tighten and these end up working more. If these are working more and your hamstrings are weak and your glutes aren’t working, to me it doesn’t make sense to do exercises which do exactly the same.”

So, what’s a gym-junkie on the pursuit for a perfect posterior to do?

According to Dan, deadlifts are key.

“You bend over and stand up – that is far better than a squat,” he said. “I very rarely give a squat just because I want people to have balanced bodies. When you have a balanced body and less muscular imbalances, you have less injuries.”

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