Nathalie Emmanuel Reveals The Workout Regime That Gets Her Ready For Game Of Thrones

From epic days on set to ab baring costumes – Nathalie Emmanuel has plenty of incentive to be fit and full of energy for her role as Missandei in Game of Thrones.  

The 28-year-old actor recently spoke to Shape about her workout regime and vegan diet that maintains her health and fitness while filming.

“If you’re lethargic and not taking care of yourself, your body has to work 10 times harder on long, busy days,” she told Shape.

“So I decided it was important to maintain a certain level of health and fitness. I became a vegan about four years ago, and I try to stay away from processed foods.”

When it comes to exercise, Nathalie likes to mix it up.  

“I love yoga, boxing, and running.”

But she has a particular penchant for a good stretch sesh.

“It’s my favourite form of exercise because it isn’t just physical. And I consider mental health to be part of my overall health.”

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She also says she learnt not to deprive herself of the foods she loves.

“Good vegan chocolate has become a thing with me. The more you silence your cravings, the bigger they become, so I prefer to have a little bit and get on with my day.”

Wise words. 

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