17 thoughtful self-care buys to add to your wellness routine

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Give yourself (or another) the gift of calm with one of these self-care goodies.

If one thing is true, it’s that there’s no shortage of stress and anxiety these days. And that makes us realise just how important a good self-care routine is. It’s never a bad time to make time and space for taking care of your mental health, and that includes putting boundaries in place and making time to treat your brain to some much-needed rest.

Make this year the year you put self-care first by giving yourself or someone you love a gift that will help them to look after their wellbeing. 

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Self-care doesn’t have to cost the earth – in fact, there are plenty of effective methods that don’t cost anything at all – but if you’re looking to spend some money on a loved one this new year, there are plenty of great self-care products that will enhance their routine, too. 

So, whether you need some help relaxing, are struggling with sleep, want to take better care of your body and mind or you’re simply in need of a mood booster, here’s our guide to the best self-care gifts you can buy for whoever comes to mind this winter.

  • Kodes essential oil diffuser bracelet

    The Drop: Kodes Aromatherapy Bracelets

    Hybrid working, hybrid cars, hybrid… jewellery? That’s what you get from London-based lifestyle label Kodes, which cleverly merges accessories and aromatherapy. Available in five colours, this essential oil diffuser bracelet lets you reap the benefits of self-care while elevating your jewellery game.

    Simply place a drop of your favourite soothing essential oil on the bracelet’s porous lava stone beads; they’ll absorb the scent, and continue to diffuse for several hours. Perfect for creating a moment of calm on the go.

    Shop Kodes Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet at The Drop, £20


  • Sleepgoddess calm beauty sleep facial steam

    The Drop: Sleepgoddess Calm Beauty Sleep Facial Steam

    Steam room fans know that clouds of hot vapour can work wonders on your skin, and SleepGoddess’s facial steam blend lets you recreate that fresh-from-the-spa glow at home, with a soothing scent to help you wind down before bed in luxurious style.

    Simply steep a handful of the herbal mix – containing seaweed, cornflower, juniper, rose and calendula – in a bowl of hot water, allow to cool slightly and hold your face over the bowl to open pores and boost circulation. Dreamy.

     Shop Sleepgoddess Calm Beauty Sleep Facial Steam at The Drop, £11.99


  • Lethally Her reflection journal

    The Drop: Lethally Her Reflection Journal

    Practising gratitude is a key way to tap into our positive mindset, and what better way to hold yourself accountable than with a gorgeous journal? With more than 150 prompts and exercises that are approved by a clinical psychologist, Lethally Her’s Reflection Journal is made from recycled paper, natural fibres and plant-based ink, so its eco credentials are just as impressive.

    Inside you’ll find daily tasks to help you delve into your innermost feelings, including journal entries, drawings and colouring. Whenever you need to vent, or simply zone out from your packed schedule with a helpful guide, consider this your safe space.

    Shop Lethally Her Reflection Journal at The Drop, £25

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  • Eve and Keel stability roller and crystal gift set

    The Drop: Eve and Keel Stability Gift Set

    Whether you’re suffering from Mercury in retrograde or simply in need of some self-care tools to relax and unwind, Eve & Keel’s Stability Set is the dose of tranquillity you’ll want by your side to keep you grounded and balanced at all times.

    The kit contains two key pieces: an aromatherapy roll-on for your inner wrists, swirling with soothing notes of vetiver, frankincense and elemi that are designed to calm your stability root chakra, while the chunk of Brazilian black tourmaline stone helps to ward off any negative energy.

    Shop Eve and Keel Stability Roller and Crystal Gift Set at The Drop, £27

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  • Made By Coopers natural meditation and yoga cushion

    The Drop: Made by Coopers Yoga Cushion

    In our quest for mindfulness, meditation and yoga are a great place to start. But it can feel overwhelming shopping around for the equipment needed to achieve said zen.

    Luckily, Claire and Darren, founders of wellness label Made By Coopers, have channelled their search for a comfy solution into one chic product. It’s inspired by Japanese zafu cushions, the most traditional shape of meditation cushion in Japan.

    Made from natural linen and filled with sustainably sourced buckwheat, this handy meditation and yoga cushion is ready to be tailored to your specific preferences. If you want to adjust its firmness and height, simply unzip the cushion and remove a few handfuls of buckwheat.

    Plus, thanks to its perfect size and neutral colour, once you’re done with your mindfulness practice, it can be easily tucked away to camouflage into your decor. Too easy.

    Shop Made By Coopers Natural Meditation & Yoga Cushion at The Drop, £45

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  • The Big Silk luxury pure mulberry silk robe

    The Drop: The Big Silk Mulberry silk gown

    If you dream of starting the day like a 1950s Hollywood starlet (rather than a slightly frazzled mere mortal), this slip-on pure silk robe is the easiest shortcut to fabulousness. Perfect for keeping the chill out this season, The Big Silk’s signature robe is the style we’ll be wrapping ourselves in.

    Available in blush pink or white, the versatile kimono style has a suits-all shape. Plus, pocket devotees will be pleased to know that the robe delivers on the storage front, too. 

    Shop The Big Silk luxury pure mulberry silk robe at The Drop, £135

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  • Magic Organic Apothecary fortifying bath potion 100ml

    The Drop: Moa Green Bath Potion

    When the world feels bleak, slumping into a foamy bubble bath worthy of Zoë Kravitz in High Fidelity is just what the self-care doctor ordered. 

    To make it even better, add Magic Organic Apothecary’s Fortifying Green Bath Potion – a concentrated herbal blend of calming yarrow, decongesting peppermint and detoxifying fennel – for a more relaxing experience. Simply pour, sit back and feel your stress evaporating into thin air…

    Shop Magic Organic Apothecary fortifying bath potion 100ml at The Drop, £25

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  • Eclat Skin London rose glow oils & eye set

    The Drop: Eclat Skin London Rose Blossom Oil and Eye Mask

    Upgrade your self-care sessions with the double whammy of Eclat Skin London’s Rose Glow Set, featuring its bestselling Rose Blossom Hydro-Gel Eye Pads and new Rose Blossom Glow Facial Oil, available with a huge £60 off exclusively on The Drop by Stylist (our marketplace for all things independent shopping).

    The lightweight facial oil is infused with moisture-packed hyaluronic acid and natural oils to provide the perfect amount of hydration, slip and, of course, natural glow.

    Shop Eclat Skin London rose glow oils & eye set at The Drop, £24.90 

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  • Nkdware DIY pattern pottery kit

    The Drop: Nkdware pottery kit

    Got the urge to do something creative to release pent-up energy or stress? This pottery kit – created by homeware and ceramic brand Nkdware’s founder Kirsi Enkovaara – has all the essentials needed to make your own homeware.

    You’ll receive a step-by-step guide for experimenting with different ceramic techniques, as well as a template to create your own piece – plus a 1.5kg bag of air-drying clay, a brush, lacquer and a drawstring bag to keep everything together. 

    All you need to bring to the table is a rolling pin, mixing bowl with a smooth bottom, an old newspaper and a ruler.

    Shop Nkdware DIY pattern pottery kit on The Drop, £27

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  • Made By Coopers sleepy head room and pillow mist

    The Drop: Made by Coopers sleep pillow spray

    If you’re not already spritzing a calming aromatherapy-based scent around the bedroom or on your pillow just before bed, you don’t know what you’re missing. Sussex-based beauty brand Made By Coopers knows all about this, with founders Clare and Dan having travelled across India to discover all they could about the power of scent.

    Their bestselling room and pillow sleep spray includes a concoction of de-stressing aromas, including organic lavender, chamomile and frankincense. Simply spray two to five times evenly around your room, on pillows and linen, and you’re in for a great night’s sleep.

    Shop Made By Coopers sleepy head room & pillow mist at The Drop, £17.50

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  • Vegan by Happy Skin watermelon and hyaluronic acid serum 30ml

    The Drop: Vegan by Happy Skin Watermelon Hyaluronic Acid Serum

    Is your skin dry, dehydrated or dull? It can be par for the course this time of year as we lose out on sunshine and vitamin D and gain rainy days in return. That’s where Vegan by Happy Skin’s plant-based treatment comes in.

    With almost 50% off exclusively on The Drop, this serum harnesses the power of moisture-locking hyaluronic acid and antioxidant-rich watermelon extract, plus soothing aloe vera and nourishing argan oil.

    In other words, it’s specifically designed to give your skin a juicy, hydrated glow. Simply massage two pea-sized pumps into skin before moisturiser every morning and evening for the dewy face of your dreams.

    Shop Vegan by Happy Skin Watermelon & Hyaluronic acid Serum 30ml at The Drop, £15.90

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  • Catherine Colebrook Liberty print personalised hot water bottle

    The Drop: Catherine Colebrook hot water bottle

    Fact: hot water bottles aren’t just for bed. Catherine Colebrook’s dinky Liberty print version is smaller than the average bottle, making it perfect for those hard-to-reach areas, like the small of your back while sitting at your desk, as well as helping to relieve period pain without adding too much bulk.

    Plus, if you’re heading off to an outdoor sports event or pub garden in the depths of winter, it’s a no-brainer to fill up and take with you to keep toasty warm. Better still, put your own touch on it by adding an initial of your choice in neon pink.

    Shop Catherine Colebrook Liberty print personalised hot water bottle at The Drop, £19.95

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  • Kodes essential oil diffuser necklace

    The Drop: Kodes essential oil diffuser necklace

    When it comes to genius hybrids, combining aromatherapy with jewellery is up there with the best. London-based lifestyle label Kodes’ clever essential oil diffuser necklace means you can reap the benefits of self-care while elevating your accessories game.

    Available in two colours, the handpainted wood and stone beaded necklace helps to alleviate stress and anxiety during social situations and important work meetings by absorbing soothing essential oils into porous lava stone beads. Best of all, thanks to the chic, African-inspired design, nobody will guess that your necklace is in fact helping your wellbeing.

    Take advantage of the two complimentary dōTerra essential oils (Balance and Wild Orange) that come with each necklace or use a favourite from your own collection, according to your mood. Take a few deep breaths and relax…

    Shop Kodes essential oil diffuser necklace at The Drop, £19

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  • London Botanical Laboratories avocado and CBD 8-hour moisture fill sleeping mask

    The Drop: London Botanicals 8-Hour Moisture Fill Avocado Sleeping Mask

    Has winter weather stripped your skin of moisture? Try London Botanical Laboratories’ overnight face mask. This lightweight, creamy treatment contains anti-inflammatory CBD, nourishing avocado oil and ceramides, which support the renewal of the skin’s natural protective layer and defend against moisture loss.

    After your evening cleanse, simply apply a thin layer all over the face and let it work its rehydrating magic overnight. You’ll wake up to hydrated, softer skin – and who doesn’t want that?

    Shop London Botanical Laboratories avocado and CBD 8-hour moisture fill avocado sleeping mask at The Drop, £16

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  • Spritz Wellness energise yoga mat spray

    The Drop: Spritz Wellness Energise yoga mat spray

    Yoga ranks highly on our list of favourite de-stressing activities. But it’s hard to embrace child’s pose with your face squished against a musty or sweaty yoga mat – which is where Spritz Wellness’s spray comes in.

    Simply spritz this deliciously refreshing mist across your mat, then wipe away. Lemongrass oil offers an addictively energising scent, while tea tree oil acts as a natural antibacterial and antiviral agent (particularly useful if you’re easing back into in-person classes). Keep your mat as clear as your mind.

    Shop Spritz Wellness Energise yoga mat spray at The Drop, £12 for 50ml

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  • Tempur sleep mask

    Block out the entire world for an amazing night’s sleep, with no concern in your mind for whether you’ll wake up in the morning with the sunlight burning your retinas and your mask having slipped down and left hanging around your neck.

    Tempur’s amazing, snuggly eye mask has been designed so that it moulds to your face, guaranteeing all the dark sleeps.

    And we all know that a good night’s kip is just about the best thing for your self-care routine.

    Shop Tempur’s Sleep Mask, £45

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  • Stoneglow goji berry and rose scented candle

    To bring some exotic self-care vibes to your quiet night in – or candlelit date, if that’s what you’re up to – opt for a handmade, naturally sourced candle to restore your calm.

    Stoneglow’s collection is pretty varied, but we love the Goji Berry and Rose scent for a touch of Asian inspiration. Who knows, it could transport you across the planet if you relax enough.

    This baby is made from rose and gardenia petals, sweetened goji berries, with soft creamy vanilla notes. Divine.

    Shop Stoneglow Goji Berry and Rose scented candle, £25 

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