WH Digital Editor’s Day On A Plate

As much as I would like to say I eat the perfect balance of good fats and carbohydrates every day… I’m human and having a perfect all day every day isn’t an option for me. Although I do try to prepare in advance as much as I can to leave for as little room for error as possible. Generally my day on a plate goes something like this:


I start work at 7am each morning 4/5 days a week after an intense session at the gym so I need a brekky that will help me recover, refuel and get me through the day. In the cooler months there is nothing better than porridge. Carman’s new porridge sachets are not only healthy and nutritious but I can whip them up in 90 seconds. I keep them handy in my desk drawer (next to my assortment of teas!).

Snack 1

Around 10am I take a short break, stretch my legs and walk outside for an almond milk latte and a piece of fruit – whatever’s in season.

Mid-morning almond milk lattes.


I try to make extra at dinner the night before for leftovers otherwise I will make a tuna salad with steamed veggies, spinach, feta, brown rice and chilli!

Snack 2

I won’t deny it I have a massive sweet-tooth so to avoid arvo trips to the vending machine I prepare alternative healthy options. My go-to’s are nuts and dried fruit, green tea and this sugar-free banana and coconut bread.


Dinner is my favourite meal of the day! In winter I love hearty soups (like pumpkin and minestrone) and slow cooker meals. One of my favourite winter tips is to add barley to soups ­– which helps keep you fuller for longer!


Yes I have desert every night but I keep it relatively healthy! I’ll either warm some frozen berries in the microwave and serve them with natural Greek yoghurt or have a piece of fruit.

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