Science Says Pizza Can Make You More Productive At Work

We’re not often short on excuses to eat pizza (it’s delicious, we’re hungry, etc) but here’s another – research says it can make you more productive at work.

We’re sure you’re already showing your boss this article and asking for a slice of pepperoni, but here’s the fine print.

The finding was made in a new study by psychologist Dan Ariely, published in his new book Payoff: The Hidden Logic That Shapes Our Motivations. His research took four groups of workers and gave them each a different motivator to hit their daily KPI. One group was promised $40, one group was promised pizza, one group was promised a compliment from their boss via text and one control group was promised nada.

Initially, the winner was pizza. The productivity of the employees promised a slice of the good stuff increased by 6.7 per cent in the first day, compared to the control group. Less delicious, but equally enjoyable, compliments came in a close second with a 6.6 per cent increase.

In Ariely’s study, complements won out in the end, with pizza as a close second. Surprisingly the group promised cold hard cash wound up 6.5 per cent LESS productive than the control group.

And in further excellent news… ‘I Got A Six-Pack Eating Pizza!’

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