A Green Tea Material May Stop Teeth Sensitivity And Cavities

While a hot tea might hurt your sensitive teeth, this same drink could be the key to helping protect your smile. Researchers from Wuhan University in China have discovered that a new material made partly from a green tea extract could not only fix sensitivity – but also help prevent cavities. Double bonus.

Essentially, sensitivity occurs when the protective layers of your teeth are worn away – exposing a tissue called dentin. This tissue has little tubes that, when exposed, let hot and cold food and drink to hit the nerve – which causes the pain.

This exposed dentin also puts you at risk of cavities. In the past, these tubes gave been plugged with a special mineral – but this hasn’t been entirely effective.

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Now scientists have developed a new material, that contains a green tea polyphenol, which may stop sensitivity and bacteria that causes cavities. In the past, this green tea polyphenol has been shown to stop biofilms that cause cavities.

In the latest study, this new blend stood up to tooth erosion, brushing and stopped biofilm forming. But don’t go racing to the tea aisle instead of visiting the dentist – this material is still being developed. However, green tea has a bunch of other health benefits, so there’s no harm in sipping it in the meantime! 

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