Wanna Know the Tricks to Living the Keto Lifestyle? Listen Up!


As followers of the keto diet — including Hollywood celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian, Vanessa Hudgens, Jenna Jameson, Al Roker and Vinny Guadagnino, a.k.a., The Keto Guido — may tell you, there’s much more to the eating plan than the type of calories you put into your body. Perhaps more than any other popular diet trend, keto is a lifestyle.

And as with any lifestyle, research and planning will help immensely. “That’ll make it much easier and raise your chances of being successful in the long term,” SlimFast dietitian and wellness consultant Maryann Walsh reveals on episode 6 of Us’ “KETO-M-G” podcast. Walsh and host Jackie Miranne take listeners through other must-know tips and no-fail advice in the series’ final episode.

One method that will guarantee success is tracking — not just tracking everything you eat in a day, but also tracking your progress. And in this case, the scale isn’t the most important indicator. “It’s great to measure your body and to track the inches you’re losing as well on your weight loss journey,” says Walsh. Write down the measurements of your arms, waist and legs at regular intervals (as Jessica Alba has previously done!), advises the pro. While the scale may tell you you haven’t lost weight, “you may have lost inches on your body,” she says.

Walsh also notes that the education and mental shift that the ketogenic diet gives you lends an advantage in keeping up the lifestyle. Many people who have followed the diet “learn that, ‘Wow, this serving of carbohydrates that used to be normal for me is just now way too much,’” the dietitian says. She’s seen many clients naturally adopt a “low-ish carb” diet afterwards where they may automatically forgo croutons, skip dinner rolls or order sushi without the rice.

To finish up the “KETO-M-G” series, Walsh answers listeners’ questions, including why hangovers can be worse on the keto diet (hint, it’s about changes in water retention); how you can handle restaurant menus; and how a high-fat, low-carb diet affects energy and sleep. Walsh and Miranne even chat about what happened when NBA legend LeBron James tried the diet for 67 days!

Enjoy the final episode, and good luck as you continue on your health journey!

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