This Invention Will Make Your Avocados Last Twice As Long

All avocado lovers know that there is a five second window of perfect ripeness when it comes to our favourite fruit. Perhaps it’s the price we pay for this delicious addition to our diet.

But no longer.

Californian company Apeel Sciences has developed an edible coating that will reportedly make an avocado last twice as long. The innovation has been six years in the making with backing from big wigs like Bill Gates, and it’s aiming to tackle the huge issue of food waste.

The coating is natural, made from recycled plant material. Plus it’s colourless, odourless and tasteless so you won’t even notice a difference next time you nom on a house-ownership-hindering smashed avo.

“Refrigeration has been used to increase produce quality during transportation and storage, but you lose the benefit of refrigeration when a fruit sits on a grocery store shelf or on a kitchen counter,” James Rogers, CEO of Apeel Sciences told Business Insider.

“With our technology, we’re able to dramatically reduce the rate that clock is ticking.”

The company is testing the invention on produce by Del Rey avocados and sadly they’re only available in US stores like Costco and Harps Food. But hopefully it will make its way down under ASAP.

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