The Painful Wellness Therapy Lea Michele Is Currently Obsessed With

When it comes to the wellness world, Leah Michele has been around the block. She follows a strict gluten-free vegan diet, has an enviable dedication to fitness and is a sweaty post-workout selfie enthusiast.

But the Glee actress knows that being healthy isn’t just a matter of eating right and exercising on the reg. That’s why she swears by vitamin supplements to fuel both her mind and her rockin’ bod.  

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In her latest “Wellness Wednesday” post, Lea shared a few of her daily go-tos, which include a women’s multivitamin (for total wellbeing), turmeric pills (coz, inflammation), and vitamin D3 tablets to give her immune system a boost.

But there’s one other vitamin she’s currently obsessed with: B12 shots. 

“I am a big fan of B12 shots. I know it’s crazy,” she captioned the snap. 

She followed up the post by listing all the benefits of the shot, such as weight loss, a faster metabolism, more energy, better sleep and balanced mood and immunity.

Then, after a quick spiel from celebrity skincare guru Nurse Jamie, Lea shared a clip of herself getting the jab in her butt.  

“Oh, I feel amazing!” she added. 

Lea’s not the only celeb to extol the virtues of B12 injections. Justin Timberlake has also jumped on the bandwagon, as has Rita Ora, Lindsay Lohan and Katy Perry.

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