Kourtney Kardashian Credits This Recipe For Her Glowing Skin

If you’re partial to keeping up with the Kardashian/Jenners, you’d know that Kourtney has established herself as the most health-minded of the fam. She doesn’t wear deodorant (coz, parabens and aluminium), works out like it’s her job (mainly for her mindset) and is borderline obsessive about what she puts in – and on – her body.

Her secret weapon for staying on top of the wellness game? 

Petal and berry beauty tonic.

“It works wonders for your skin from the inside out,” she explained on her website, crediting the recipe to Amanda Chantal Bacon’s The Moon Juice Cookbook. 

“The essences of hibiscus and rose combine with goji and schisandra berries to create a cooling, tonifying, hydrating sipping tonic that is deeply beautifying.”

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These ingredients also help to quench heat in the body, which can often manifest as skin irritations such as redness, rashes or acne.

“Hibiscus is also a powerful flush to the system, helping to gently cleanse the kidneys, doing a wonderful and immediate job at reducing any puffiness in your face.” 

But the best part? The concoction will keep fresh for up to a week (ample time to cure any complexion concerns.)

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All you need is:

4 cups water

½ cup goji berries

¼ cup dried hibiscus flowers

1 teaspoon ground shisandra berries

2 teaspoons rose water

raw honey or stevia (optional)


Bring the water to a boil. Place the goji berries, hibiscus and shisandra in a 1litre jar. Add enough boiling water to cover and set aside to steep for an hour. Strain, reserving the solids for a second batch if you like. Stir in rose water and sweetener (if using.) Enjoy immediately or cover and store in the fridge. Enjoy hot, chilled or combined with sparkling water.

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