Fidget Spinners Have No Proven Health Benefits, Review Says

Fidget spinners: they’re one of the biggest crazes of 2017. These spinning toys are popular with the young and young at heart – they’ve flown off shelves and been added to cart. 

But has your boyfriend/best mate/work colleague spun out the line that they’ve only got one for their health benefits? Ie, they boost concentration and reduce stress?

Turns out, this reasoning is a little shaky, says a new review in Current Opinion In Pediatrics. Yep, that’s right – pediatrics is kids medicine. The authors point out that “peer-reviewed studies do not support the beneficial claims”.

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The authors say that despite product advertising to the contrary, there’s no scientific evidence to support the purported benefits of this craze. “Due to a recent surge in popularity, fidget spinners and other self-regulatory occupational therapy toys have yet to be subjected to rigorous scientific research,” the researchers point out.

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Of course, if you’re a fidget fan, don’t be too disappointed. There’s no studies now to justify your habit, but a fidget-spinning scientist could conduct one in the future.

Plus, you could justify this habit as a “mindfulness tool” – it worked for adult colouring books, anyway.

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