Watch Zac Efron Do the ‘NFL Workout’ with Juju Smith-Schuster

In the latest episode of his fitness web-series Gym Time, actor turned YouTuber Zac Efron pushed himself even further: He hit the gym with Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Juju Smith-Schuster for an epic workout, guided by NFL trainer Jamal Liggin.

While they were training, Smith-Schuster told Efron all about how it feels to be one of the youngest and most skilled wide receivers in the NFL, and what was going on in his head the first time he scored a 97 yard touchdown: “I was like, did I really just do that?!”

Liggin started them both off with a warm-up session, followed by some rapid movement exercises on a ladder to give Efron a taste of the fast footwork needed in the NFL. (Unsurprisingly, Smith-Schuster nailed this portion of the workout and left Efron in the dust.)

Then the guys did some medicine ball core exercises, which Liggin said are “mandatory” in training: “Everything comes from the core.” His expert advice for passing a medicine ball sideways? “Keep your arms extended, that way your entire body is rotating with your core.”

Next up was interval training, with dumbbell presses, medicine ball slams, and banded high knees, and then some kettlebell dead lifts and sled pulls which took their toll… but it’s all in a day’s work for Schuster-Smith, who says you just have to push through, even when “your mind is tired and your body is tired.”

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