#Transformation Tuesday: actor Ethan Suplees struggled with his weight

The American actor Ethan Suplee many from the Comedy series ‘My Name Is Earl’ know should – with a semi-bald, chubby one, and a few Kilos too much on the Ribs.

Current images of the 43-Year-old to draw a very different picture: thanks to broad shoulders, powerful biceps and defined stomach any Resemblance to its former I is missing the actor.

But the road to his healthy, trained body was no easier. Not least, the acting even ensured that he had to anfuttern in between, some of fat mass.

Binge eating in childhood

How it came to this unhealthy life-style, tells Suplee in a podcast episode of ‘American Glutton’.

Accordingly, his disturbed relationship to food have started already in the early age of five years, as he had more and more often binges.

Already at this young age, his family was worried about his weight and refused him a second helping at dinner. That didn’t deter the boy at the time, however.

“I learned very quickly that if I wanted a second Serving of lasagna, I had this secretly in the kitchen to eat, when I landed my plate,” says Suplee.

Ethan Suplee: With ten years of 90 kilos on the scale

In addition, his parents tried to motivate him more movement. “I had to take a walk every day. I hated it. I wanted to not be forced to do every Morning this March.”

Instead of listening to his relatives, anxious to eat the Boy still secretly – this went on for a few years, until he at the age of ten, finally, more than 90 kilograms weighed.

As a result, his parents put him on various diets, but have not followed all the long.

Secret to eat in the night

Much more Suplees Situation worsened even further. “I had the feeling that food was something you wanted to share this with me,” says the actor.

“So I had to secretly for me to eat. Of course, I’ve never spoken with someone about it.”

The Whole thing went so far that he drove with friends in the night in Fast-Food Restaurants, and three menus at once plastered.

Rapidly, the body weight increased in this time. The consequences of his enormous physique would not take long to wait.

“I had big problems. To fly was a nightmare,” he recalls. “I had to let me buckle up. And in spite of a seat belt extender the seat belt could not be closed. So I had to always book two seats.”

Food as anesthetic

Suplee recalls that he used in this time, in addition to alcohol and other drugs the food to numb themselves. “About my health, I have never thought of that,” he admits now.

As he was in 2002, finally dry, it was Suplee aware of, something that he has to change his behavior. “Since that time, I have tried almost every diet there is.”

However, at this point, the great and only really began.

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Finally slim – and unemployed

“Initially, I lost a lot of weight.” From 240 pounds, he was cut in half to around 100 pounds – his lowest weight.

Then, as the series ‘My Name Is Earl’ was canceled, discovered Suplee his passion for Cycling. Was “the time I was very, very thin.”

When he wanted to return some years later to acting, however, it was significantly more difficult to find work. Of Casting Directors he got to hear that he was too thin.

“At some point I thought: ‘I’m just fat again, because it is better for the work’,” recalls Suplee. “And to be honest it was even.”

After he had some extra kilos attached to eat had finally, he was cast suddenly back for roles and engaged. “I was just thick enough.”

Today, Ethan Suplee wants to live a healthy life

Through this Back-and-Forth Suplee has probably almost 450 pounds and lost them again. But this is now final.

Now, the actor is focused on, to use “food as a source of energy”, in order to strengthen his body and his goals in the gym to achieve.

“My current goal is a six pack Abs is, and I’m not that far away. Actually pretty close,” he said. “Besides, I want to be when you Deadlift Double my body weight lifting.”

Cornelia Bertram

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