Run like an Olympian

After coming in third at her first serious marathon in Amsterdam last year, and clocking an Olympic qualifying time, Nike athlete Milly Clark knows a thing or two about running.

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“I try and visualise myself crossing the finish line and picturing how I want to feel when I cross it”, says Milly.  “I have learnt I can never control my competitors, the weather or anything else except myself on the day.”

We sat down with the eighth fastest Aussie marathoner woman to find out her top three running tips.  

1. I believe consistency is one of the most important aspects involved in long distance running. Each run you do continues to build upon the last, so eventually there will come a time where all the consistent hard work will be reflected in your race results.

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2. Try running somewhere new when you can. It is easy to fall into the same routine day in day out and then running becomes quite monotonous. I like to try and keep my body guessing and finding a new challenge.

3. Keep everything in balance as much as possible. It’s great to plan out your weekly training runs or harder sessions – but sometimes things come up with work or family that mean missing a session that day. In the grand scheme of things, missing one run wont impact your fitness!

Milly will next be running in the Nike+ Run Club Women’s Half Marathon in Sydney before heading to Rio for the Olympics.

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