Rachel Bilson, 41, Highlights Her Abs In Sparkly Crop Top Instagram Photo

  • Rachel Bilson, 41, showed off her rock-hard abs in a sparkly crop top on Instagram this week.
  • The actress was all dressed up for an event with the Motion Picture and Television Fund earlier this month.
  • Rachel isn’t super open about her workout routine, but she likes overnight oats and turkey chili.

Rachel Bilson is embracing her inner “Summer.” The former star of The O.C. posted a throwback photo in a sparkly two-piece set and her abs were the total highlight of the look.

Rachel first debuted her glittery look on Instagram on March 12, showing off her totally toned abs and arms in a Dorothee Schumacher crop top and matching skirt. The actress was dressed to the nines for an event with the Motion Picture and Television Fund, but she def couldn’t get enough of her look because she posted it twice! TBH, same.

Her followers clearly didn’t mind seeing the look again, either. “Summer breeze 🔥🔥🔥,” one commenter wrote, calling back to Rachel’s character from The O.C. “You look STUNNING,” wrote another fan.


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Rachel’s abs may be on total display in these pics, but the actress keeps her workout routine under wraps. According to some sources, she reportedly doesn’t like the gym–but that can’t be confirmed. The actress is, however, a bit more vocal when it comes to her diet choices.

For example, Rachel’s go-to breakfast is some overnight oats or muesli (partially because he daughter likes it, per Eat This, Not That). She also has moved her household to a mostly dairy-free space.

“[Going dairy free] really helped my daughter’s skin clear up. She was having some eczema, and when we stopped dairy, it went away,” Rachel told Parade in 2021. “So, that was a huge eye-opener for us just seeing how much you diet can basically control things that are happening with your body.”


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Her family is always trying to move toward more plant-based options, she told Parade. In November, Rachel shared her go-to lentil soup recipe on her Instagram. However, chicken Parmesan and turkey chili are also staples in the star’s house. Rachel admits that her chicken Parmesan recipe is not the healthiest.

“It’s almost sacrilegious to change any of the Italian recipes, but, if you do the chicken in the oven and you don’t do the breadcrumbs, the Parmesan cheese, and the melted mozzarella, you have a healthier option,” she told Eat This, Not That.

Hey, sometimes you just need to have a bowl of pasta sans substitutions. Keep doing you, Rachel!

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