Maluma Shows Off His Lean, Ripped Physique in Naked Pool Photos

Maluma is taking a well-earned vacation right now, but he’s not taking any breaks from his workouts if his latest Instagram photos are anything to go by. The Colombian pop star just posted a carousel of naked pool photos with nothing but the photographer’s well-placed hand covering his modesty, with his lean physique on full display.

“Casi no encuentro fotógrafa,” the singer wrote in the caption. (Roughly translated, he’s joking that he “almost didn’t find a photographer.”

Consistency in his workouts and his diet have helped Maluma maintain that lean physique: in a 2019 interview with Men’s Health he revealed that he eats the exact same breakfast every single day, consisting of egg whites, chicken, onion, tomato, coffee, and green juice. “My whole body, my mind, everything, works better when I eat good. It’s the gas that you put in your body.”

However, he doesn’t deny himself the things that give him pleasure either. “You can’t just eat that clean every single day,” he added. “You need a beer.”

In the same interview, Maluma expanded on the outlook he brings to his physical training.

“Fitness goals? Being happy,” he said, adding that taking care of his mental health is as important to him as his physical health: “If you have a right mentality and a right way of thinking, everything is gonna go right… I love meditating. I think that’s a big part of my career. Just being focussed and concentrated. And being grateful. For me, that’s the most important thing ever.”

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