Expert tips: This is the optimal diet for high blood pressure

Around 25 million people in Germany have a high blood pressure. As with many diseases, our Lifestyle plays a major role in this. The right diet can move at high blood pressure much, because Almost all of the ready meals and processed foods contain a lot of salt and sugar. We have the best tips on how to make your blood pressure naturally with the right foods can reduce.

What you should high blood pressure forgo

Too much salt leads to increased blood pressure. “The power – or salt as needed, only a small amount of our daily salt intake,” says Antje Gahl, a nutritionist and spokeswoman of the German society for nutrition. Most of the salt will be included on processed food.

This increases the blood pressure and is also bad on the blood sugar level. Foods that reduced, and in the best case should be avoided are: finished products, white flour, foods with a lot of salt and sugar, hydrogenated and saturated fats, found in Chips, French fries, and generally speaking, fried foods, red meat and sausage. In addition, alcohol drives the blood pressure up and attack the cells. Therefore, Doctors advise to have at least four alcohol-free days in the week. It is best, of course, to drink no alcohol.

Optimal diet for high blood pressure

In order to reduce the blood pressure to be sustainable, should they continue, according to experts on the full-value nutrition. This means unprocessed food without preservatives and additives. The goal of this diet is to provide the body with all necessary nutrients, vitamins and trace elements.

Antje Gahl of the German nutrition society the salt intake is recommended to below five grams per day limit. Fruit and vegetable should be available every day on the dining plan. Will not be reduced, according to the expert, only the blood pressure but in addition, more potassium, fiber, antioxidants and secondary plant substances. Cured and smoked meat and fish products as well as sausage, cheese, bread and rolls, fish and meat canned food should be eaten little.

Natural blood pressure-lowering drugs: The power of plants

Through this value-nutrition to remain long saturated, and affects the blood sugar and blood levels of fat-positive. Since people with high blood problems with these values, also, is the full value of nutrition is essential in the therapy. The full-value diet is predominantly vegetarian. (Read everything here on the topic: Plant vs. animal proteins) research findings suggest that “can be achieved by a vegetarian diet for almost half of the blood pressure reduction that can be achieved by pharmacological intervention (e.g. ACE-inhibitors) to achieve”, writes Professor Dr. Andreas Michalsen, in his book “nutritional healing” .

Risk Factor Salt

An important factor in high blood pressure salt. You can use when you prefer to cook many of the herbs as a salt. This can be the beginning of getting used to, but when they give up a couple of weeks on salt, you will notice that many dishes taste much too salty. Professor Michalsen recommends Mediterranean herbs such as marjoram, rosemary and thyme, as these stimulate the digestion of fat. Also, garlic should not be missing in the kitchen. The phytochemicals of garlic to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

The blood pressure lowering food

In all cases, should plan your food: lots of fruits and vegetables. The body is supplied with potassium, and phytochemicals. Blue berries and pomegranate seeds, for example, are a good choice, as they contain many antioxidants (read here, which are kinds of fruit real Superfoods). The vegetables, especially the leaf is not recommend vegetables such as chard, spinach and Pak Choi, because they contain a lot of nitrate, and are therefore well-suited to the natural lowering of high blood pressure. Whole grain products should also be several times a day on the dining plan. and: Drink a lot of tea. Especially green tea and herbal tea are in this case ideal. As Snacks of unsalted pistachios and other nuts are. In addition, linseed oil, walnuts and fish such as salmon or mackerel should be eaten, because the contained Omega-3 fatty acids protect blood vessels and lower high blood pressure.

High blood pressure: The more you can do

Health tip par excellence: intermittent fasting leads many people to a permanent weight loss and a lower blood pressure. (Everything you need to know about interval fasting can be found here.) Especially in the stresses of everyday life, lunch is taken between the Desk and the next Meeting to be. The Stress triggers. Eat slowly and focus only on the Moment. (Read here how you mindfulness in everyday life can integrate) described The diet advice can have a positive impact on blood pressure. If your blood pressure values change and you want to sell drugs or different dosing, talk to you, but in any case, with your doctor.

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