Digitization: the Federal government is pushing ahead with E-patient record more

Just the full concentration of Doctors and nurses in the fight against the Coronavirus, but the basic digitization of the health care system will still come ahead.

For the Central projects of Minister Jens Spahn (CDU), also has been running a Countdown: 1. January 2021 to start for all the Insured in an electronic patient file (ePA) as a voluntary offer – so it is already in the law.

The Cabinet on Wednesday now regulations to specific functions and data protection on the way. The part should only access them later, encounters Protest.

The pace of digitization

Spahn said, with a view to the Corona-crisis: “We are witnessing how digital services can help you to better care for patients.“ The law should ensure that such offers arrive quickly in everyday life.

After years of wrangling about more functions for the electronic health card, he wants to make in the digitization pace.

Because of the construction of a protected data highway of health care with On – and off-ramps to offices and clinics progressed long just tedious.

Fixed the law to write a claim for a patient that E-files will also be filled with content, and gradually with more and more features.

So to pass, in addition to Findings, medical reports and x-ray images from 2022, also the Vaccination card, the Mother, the yellow examination booklet for children and the Dental bonus booklet can be stored. The insured can take a health insurance exchange, then your digital data.

In effect the law is expected to come in the autumn, the Federal Council must not agree to.

Insured determine data

Data protection: The Insured can decide what is stored in your E-file and what you want to delete. And you determine who has access to data – however, in spite of criticism from data protectionists immediately to Start in a more refined variant.

Until 2022, the possibility is provided, for each document individually, which a doctor can see it. Then, it should be possible that a physician may have access generally to the ePA, but certain findings are not shown.

The Opposition defendant a “Heave-Ho procedure”. That patients may in the first year only, either all or none of the data was scandalous, said the Left-health expert, Achim Kessler.

“Neither a dentist must have information about an abortion, even an orthopedic surgeon. on psychotherapy.”

Also Spahns coalition partner, the SPD signaled to examine in parliamentary procedure, whether or not the privacy is sufficiently protected.

The draft law also provides that the Insured can comply, starting in 2023, in the EPO data stored voluntarily under a pseudonym and encrypted medical research.

Spahn stressed that any Insured get the opportunity to save his data in the E-file securely. “This law uses and protects patients alike.”

For the protection of the processed data, therefore each Party from the doctor about clinics to pharmacies to be directly responsible.

The operator within the data highway must report faults and safety defects immediately – in the case of failures up to 300,000 Euro fine to threaten.

Access via Smartphone or Tablet

Technically, patients should be able to E-file on their Smartphones or Tablets to view who has none, for example, in a branch of his insurance company.

In addition, an App that lets you download E-prescriptions to your Smartphone, and in pharmacies, can redeem is planned.

Also Referrals to a specialist are to be electronically transmitted. The doctors encourage to go along with the E-file, is to provide incentives to Doctors and hospitals fill out for the first time with documents, you will get ten euros as a compensation.

The chief of the techniker Krankenkasse, Jens Baas, welcomed the fact that the file is now up to the finishing straight. For success, it is important that you do not need to enter data manually, but the Doctors could retrieve.

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)

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