David Beckham Shows Off His Six-Pack Abs at 46 to Kick Off Summer

David Beckham is enjoying the beginning of his hot boy summer—predictably, without a shirt. The soccer legend, who just turned 46 on May 2, is as ripped as ever, showing off his heavily tattooed torso in an Instagram thirst trap. It goes without saying that Beckham’s copious gym days have clearly gone uninterrupted by retirement and quarantine.

In the photo, Beckham, clad in sunglasses, holds a large wooden staff—which is, well, indeed strange and unexplained. In the shot, the soccer star looks pensive yet causal, standing in a neon green field under an unusually sunny England sky. And he’s fully enjoying the unexpected sun while he can.

Beckham captioned the simple photo, “Yep, this is England. It’s what we do. [Sun] comes out, we take our shirts off, even walking the dogs when @victoriabeckham is laughing at me.” He also used several quirky emojis in the post, which is moderately hilarious when you consider a buff Beckham picking out sun and smiley face emojis to go with his IG caption.


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Beckham is clearly no stranger to shirtless Instagram photos—or shirtless IG videos—revealing his famously toned physique. On March 31, Beckham shared that he found a love for an unexpected new sport—paddle ball. Earlier that same month, Beckham shared one of his go-to fitness moves on Instagram, using a $129 ab roller to do a series of slow and steady ab rollouts. Oh, and just in case it wasn’t clear, he did that one shirtless too.

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