Chilblains, pay attention!: It may be that it freezes constantly

The thickness of the jacket is buttoned right up to the top and still have the feeling of the cold omnipresent is?

The unaufregendste explanation is that The Winter will not be part of the Favorite seasons of one’s own body.

Doctors talk about cold intolerance, if someone tends particularly quickly to cool.

Although this is unpleasant, but not dangerous.

Sometimes, however, may be feel more serious reasons are the cause for increased cold, then Intervention is needed:

1. Low Blood Pressure

Especially young and slender women often have to contend with low blood pressure. Of such is when the blood is pumped with less than 100 to only 60 mmHg by the body.

A so-called hypotension can also be a hereditary predisposition and it is basically not dangerous. However, can occur in addition to, often cold hands and feet even more unpleasant side effects.

The Affected come in the morning, usually worse getting out of bed, often feel tired and quickly unfocused and tend to be also, occasionally, dizziness, and headache.

Drink plenty of fluids, regular exercise, as well as hot and cold showers and caffeine, for example, in the Form of a Käffchens can usually help the circulation a boost and to lift also the blood pressure a little.

In some cases, a disease of the thyroid gland, however, lies behind it.

For example, additional symptoms such as unexplained weight gain, brittle skin, and depression can speak. Final clarity, however, only an examination by a doctor.

2. Anemia

Anemia, also known as anaemia, usually iron deficiency as the cause. Such can be caused by either a nutritional deficiency or a particularly heavy menstrual bleeding.

The body of the Material to form enough red blood cells be lacking.

“This leads to a reduced blood circulation in the limbs, which feel especially on the hands and feet of hypothermia,” says Dr. Vyas, a doctor at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio in an Interview with ‘SELF’.

“Additional anemia-symptoms weakness, fatigue, an irregular heartbeat, pale skin, chest, and headache.”

For the formation of red blood cells B12 and folic acid along with iron is also important. To be prone to a deficiency, especially Vegans, in the case of the Former, and in the case of folic acid, especially Pregnant women.

Using a blood count should be excluded for a lack of either or detected and through supplements be substituted.

3. Too little sleep

Sleep is for the regulation of body temperature is of essential importance.

Sleeping too little or too irregular, the namely, negative impact on the own biorhythm. This, in turn, controls a complex series of interactions between metabolism, hormone levels, fatigue, feeling of body temperature.

Dr. Deborah Besson, assistant Professor of medicine in the primary health care of women at UC San Francisco and internist at UCSF Medical Center, explains: “As part of the biorhythms’ from the body temperature drops during sleep. If the biorhythm is disturbed so that the body thinks that he needs to sleep, even though you actually are awake, you feel may have felt chilly, because the inside Thermostat is set to the wrong time.”

4. Weight loss

A couple of life rings more in terms of cold, in fact, a certain “Savior” function. The body fat can make use of good heat-storage.

Lightweight tend to be, in principle, more likely to chill.

In addition, the caps of calories during a diet can cause the metabolism of the body slows down. The temperature regulation is working less efficiently than usual.

So who is currently on a diet or such more recently, has brought, so no Worries – the resistance to Cold will be better soon.

It is different, however, if you suspect that an eating disorder is given. A long-lasting Hypersensitivity also an indication of his.

In such a case, a hard harmful to the health, life, sometimes even threatening the long-term consequences, should be as soon as possible sought out professional psycho-logo cal help.

5. Raynaud’s Syndrome

Who ends for a short handle to the freezer compartment with cold, strong pain fingers must atone, of the Raynaud’s syndrome to investigate.

In this syndrome small cold already irritating to painful cramps, because the vascular response of the body when Cold or during Stress shoots above the normal level.

Up to a half an hour, the vascular spasm may persist in primarily the hands or feet. Flows back to the blood again, blushing and pain, the previously cramped limbs.

The phenomenon occurs especially in younger women with low blood pressure, as well as in older people with pre-existing conditions such as rheumatism. The cause, however, is unclear. As a small consolation: at Least in the younger Affected, the symptoms return with advancing age most of the time.

Preventive and abmildernd a more efficient protection against the cold, for example, can act through insulated gloves, a Smoking cessation and stress management therapies.

In particularly severe cases, the doctor can increase may prescribe medications to help the flow of blood to.


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