Burn Fat Faster With Yoga

Hatha Yoga

The routine: “Hatha yoga” traditionally refers to any physical practice of yoga. That is to say that Bikram, Iyengar, and kundalini are all various styles of hatha yoga. However, classes in the U.S. described simply as “hatha yoga” usually refer to a gentle form of yoga that focuses on basic postures and breathing techniques.

The burn: 175 calories per hour

Same as: A slow walk

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Bikram and Hot Yoga

The routine: Bikram classes are comprised of 26 postures, each performed twice, in a studio heated to over 100 degrees.

The burn: 636 calories per hour

Same as: An hour of jogging

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Power Yoga

The routine: It’s an Americanized version of ashtanga yoga, similar to vinyasa.

The burn: 300 calories per hour

Same as: A brisk walk

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Yinyasa Yoga

The routine: More intense than hatha, the poses are linked together in a fast, flowing sequence.

The burn: 445 calories per hour

Same as: An hour of moderate bike riding

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