7 walking groups for women of all ages, sizes and backgrounds

Keen on walking but over walking alone? Why not join a group of like-minded women for a ramble around some green space?

Running groups are all too common. You can’t move these days for hordes of runners swarming park paths or loitering outside coffee shops (no shade: I am a runner). But when it comes to walking… well, often, you’re on your own. However, if you want some company on your stroll or wish you had a gang to explore the countryside with, there are plenty of women’s walking groups out there. In fact, we like to consider ourselves at Strong Women to be a rambling community, which meets every year at the Strong Women Trek.

If you can’t wait until next summer to meet up with like-minded explorers, then have a look at some of the brilliant walking groups below. The UK is brimming with great views, excellent trails and amazing women intent on sharing all the magic our country has to offer. If you want it, read on. 

  • We Walk Wednesdays

    You don’t have to schlep into the middle of nowhere to enjoy nature: most of us have green beauty right on our doorsteps.

    We Walk Wednesdays is a group designed to encourage people to get outdoors for a laugh, some cardio and a chance to calm the mind – led by women. They operate all over London, from the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to Abbey Wood and South Norwood Country Park. Beyond the capital, you’ll find meets in Birmingham, Leicester, Nottingham, Cheshunt and Sheffield. 

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  • Black Girls Hike

    Black Girls Hike is ana adventure group for Black and mixed race women.

    Think that hiking is only for white, middle-class countryside dwellers? Think again. Anyone can get into walking, trekking and hiking – as Black Girls Hike proves. Founded by Rhiane Fatinikun, the group brings together Black and mixed-race women from across the country to explore green space. They have various chapters across the UK, so there’s probably a group near you.

    Fatinikun has previously shared her top hiking tips with Strong Women. Wondering what to eat on the trails? Wonder no more. Want to know how to get into hiking as a beginner? Read her guide. She’s also explored what clothing to wear and back for a day on the trails.

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  • Gorp Girls

    Calling all Gen Z hiking stans: Gorp Girls is an online platform and creative collective specialising in showcasing women championing the outdoors. Founded by Hannah da Silva, the community has a strong focus on the link between fashion and the outdoors (if you’re seeing Gorpcore trending, blame Hannah).

    This group is a digital community that meets up IRL in nature. In fact, Gorp Girls are hosting the Hike Society by Columbia’s Annual General Hike on 15 October. They’ll be taking a mini bus from London to scale Pen y Fan Brecon.

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  • The Wanderlust Women

    Founded by Amira Patel, The Wanderlust Women is a hiking and adventure group for Muslim women. Never been hiking before? The group runs all kinds of courses on navigation to get you ready to walk, scramble and wild swim.

    It may have started in the UK, but these women are now taking on mountains around the world – challenging the idea of what Muslim women can do in the outdoors. Until then, get your daily dose of wanderlust by following them on Instagram.

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  • Boot Women

    Boot Women is a LBGTQ+ women’s walking group based in Birmingham and the surrounding areas. The group welcomes well-behaved dogs and often uses their treks as a chance to collect for Women’s Aid.

    They meet up on the second Sunday of the month – so if you’re tight on time, this is a great chance to get involved with a community without risking over-commitment. Stick with them and you too can join them walking at Birmingham Pride next year.

    You can find out where they next walk on their Twitter page.

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  • Wild Women UK

    We take our access to nature and the freedom to explore for granted all too often. Many people who end up in the UK never get the opportunity to walk through their local park, let alone hike a mountain. 

    Wild Women is a ‘hike to help’ group dedicated to raising awareness of human trafficking and modern slavery in the UK. Founded by Jenny Hopkins, the group works with anti-slavery charity Unseen. Check them out on Facebook.

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  • Glamoraks

    Do you wish you could go walking with a group of women but fear you live too far away from any group? Not sure where to begin? Glamoraks is a global community of women who walk and their collaborative platform is a place for women to find other women to walk, hike and adventure with. 

    Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned hiker, this community caters to all. You simply request to join, set up a profile, answer two simple questions and then wait to be approved. Once yo’re in, you can join chats and see what’s going on near you. 

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