Pink Shares Fantastic Family Photos From Bali Getaway

OMG, you guys; we had such a blast on vacation with Pink and Carey Hart and their babies in Bali. Check out our pictures. We took them all so that’s why we’re not in any of them. OK, damn it. We didn’t go to Bali, but we feel like we were there because Pink’s family getaway photos were so great.

Not only are we wondering why it has never before occurred to us to go to Bali, we are also wondering what it will take to convince Pink and Hart to have some cool AF playdates with us in the future. Look at this family. Look at that water. Look at us not being there. (*Sob*) This kinda beats the Jersey Shore, no offense, Wildwood.

Pink is about to launch the next leg of her tour in Perth, Australia, but Bali is clearly still very much on her mind. She posted her array of beautiful family vacation pictures on Instagram with a grateful note: "Thank you to the people and the ocean and the energy of Bali. We love you."

In the pics, Pink and Hart frolic with daughter Willow, 7, and son Jameson, 17 months. Waves, sand, a shady resting spot on some steps, gorgeous architecture, a delectable market? Check, check… oh, all the checks. The family clearly immersed themselves in Balinese culture and loved every minute.

“What you seek is seeking you- Rumi,” Pink captioned one photo with Willow along with hashtags “#adventureseeking #mylove #mydaughter#almosttoaustralia #soclose #soexcited.”

Hart also shared his "photo dump" from Bali, including a gorgeous shot of Willow watching a bird in the sky.

Congrats to all the happy Aussie holders of "Beautiful Trauma" tour tix. We’re guessing Pink is feeling pretty refreshed and is raring to go after this amazing family getaway. Now, please excuse us while we go surf airline ticket prices to faraway islands.

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