Choose eco-friendly products for your baby

Go green with babycare products and keep your child safe from infections.

By Rishu Gandhi

Parents of millennial generations living in nuclear families are always on the lookout for convenient and best babycare products for their newborns. As they are more educated and informed, they prefer natural baby skincare products to avoid side-effects of toxins present in many popular brands available on regular shelves. With both parents working and subsequent increase in disposable income, they are willing to shell out more for quality healthcare products fueling the natural toxin-free babycare products industry.

The natural babycare product industry is growing the world over. Informed and conscious parents of the millennial generation even see it is an opportunity to go green. With the surge in internet usage, it has become easier and even affordable to find environment-friendly and natural baby products that don’t have harsh chemicals and toxins, suiting a baby’s sensitive skin and good for our planet too. Various brands offer a broad range of natural eco-friendly, non-toxic babycare products from toys and furniture for babies to clothes, toiletries, and skincare products.

As parents get more conscious about personal hygiene, it has led to a surge in demand for baby hygiene products too, major ones being skin and haircare. It’s a known fact that skin of the newborn babies is quite different when compared to that of children or adults and goes through a natural evolution process. In their growing years, a baby’s skin demands extra and special care as it’s very sensitive, thin and fragile, hence prone to infections. In order to protect immature baby skin, it’s important to avoid contact with toxic and harmful chemicals and adopt natural and chemical-free, safe, healthier products.

Most skincare products are in direct contact with the surface of a baby’s skin, thus, it’s important to opt for natural skincare products like lotions, soaps and oils that don’t have side-effects and are gentle on the infant’s skin. Diapers and wet-wipes are the most used baby hygiene products for infants. There are natural diapers made from cloth, bamboo, wheat, corn, etc, available in the market, which are best suited to their skin. Natural, organic wet-wipes made of plant fibres like bamboo and cotton, with high-water content and chemical paraben free, should be used to gently wipe the area when changing diapers.

Research confirms that regular wet wipes contain chemicals that are toxic and, therefore, detrimental to a baby’s delicate and sensitive skin. The chemicals can cause infections, allergies, irritation, redness, and result in varying degree of discomfort to the babies.

The use of non-biodegradable plastic wipes has created a disastrous effect on the environment. Wet wipes are the third largest source of plastic pollution.

Considering how a regularly used baby product can be so detrimental to our planet, more and more parents are opting for eco-friendly non-toxic baby products. Because, what better gift can you give your child than ensuring that they have a safe and clean world to grow up in?

(The writer is Founder & Head-Brand Strategy, Mother Sparsh.)

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