Brian Austin Green’s Kids Helped Him Propose to Sharna Burgess in a ‘Perfect, Beautiful Moment’

Including your kids in your wedding plans is so heartwarming, and we love how Brian Austin Green incorporated his sons in his proposal to Sharna Burgess this summer.

The Dancing With The Stars pro opened up about the intimate moment in her Old–ish podcast on Friday, per Us Weekly. Burgess through Green a 50th birthday party in July, and around 8 p.m., he decided to surprise his then-girlfriend with the help of his kids.

“Bri goes to me and says, ‘Baby, come with me for a second, I gotta show you something,’” Burgess recalled during the podcast, adding that she initially thought something happened with the kids — Green is dad to Zane, 14 months, with Burgess, as well as Journey, 7, Bodhi, 9, and Noah, 10, with ex Megan Fox, and Kassius, 21, with ex Vanessa Marcil. “We have kids everywhere now, so I was like, ‘What’s broken?’”

“We head into our bedroom and I start to get these feelings of like, ‘Oh my God, this feels like a moment,’” she continued. “I walk into there like, ‘What’s going on?’ and then he’s like, ‘Hey kids, come here!’ And the kids come in with him and Noah is holding Zane and Journey’s holding this little red Cartier box and they all come in there and they’re standing there next to Bri.”

We can easily picture the little chaotic scene. Green pulls Burgess away from the party to a quiet room with her baby and stepsons, where she is no doubt feeling bewildered. Something like Did someone break their arm? Are we dealing with a throw up situation? No, it’s a ring! probably went through her head as the Beverly Hills, 90210 alum got down on one knee. It sounds like the perfect blended family moment!

During the podcast, Green revealed that he wanted his kids part of the proposal because “they’re a part of everything.” Although, the whole moment wasn’t really planned.

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“So, it’s a party [and] guests are hanging around longer and I’m walking around with Zane, and he’s yawning and I start thinking, ‘OK, I have to do this now instead of waiting for everybody to leave. Like we just have to make this happen now,’” he said. The pressure was intense! But Green just rolled with it, adding that he gave his kids the ring box when they got upstairs. “Bodhi and Journey had literally no idea that I was even thinking of doing it; Noah did. I told them in that moment … but we talked about it before a little bit so they knew that it was going to be happening at some point.”

“We moved, Zane was born, to me it seemed like the next easy progression,” he said about the proposal. “For Sharna to be able to share a last name with all of us and so that’s the end goal [and] this is just part of the process.”

Burgess described the proposal as “perfect.” “It was the most perfect beautiful moment because it was us, it was our unit, our tribe and I love that’s how he wanted to do it,” she said on the podcast, and basically every mom can relate. “He had all the opportunities to make it flashy throughout the day [but] it’s not his style and it wouldn’t have felt right for him to do it like that.” She added, “To have this beautiful intimate moment with my people standing right there, bringing me in with this gorgeous ring, that is a dream.” Aww! We love that the kids could be a part of this monumental moment!

The choreographer has opened up many times about her blended family. In a heartfelt tribute on Zane’s first birthday in July, Burgess wrote, “Yesterday was one of those days where I constantly got hit with waves of love and gratitude while I looked at life around me. Once upon a time I thought my wish for a big family, lots of babies, a home filled with love, chaos and tiny handprints everywhere just wasn’t ALL possible. And then suddenly it wasn’t just possible… it was happening.”

She went on, “This little man has been the greatest blessing to our blended family. He has solidified this bond and I think helped the kids trust that this family is forever together. The love in this home is unreal and I had no idea it could be this wonderful. I’m overwhelmed, I’m emotional and I’m ridiculously happy.”

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