Adele Admits That 'Not Seeing Your Child Every Single Day' Was a Struggle Post-Divorce

Ahead of the release of what’s sure to be a deeply personal album, Adele is opening up about the many ways in which her divorce from Simon Konecki impacted her. After sharing insight about her divorce in a number of interviews — most recently admitting she was bed-bound with anxiety for weeks after announcing she’d split from Konecki in 2019 — the singer is getting even more candid.

Adele sat down with Oprah Winfrey for the CBS special Adele One Night Only, to air on November 14 at 8:30 p.m. ET. During the interview, Adele gave a glimpse into the inspiration behind her forthcoming music, including one song called “Hold On.” Winfrey called the lyrics “brutally honest,” adding, “It sounds like you were in the dark, dark, dark hours there.”

Sharing that it was with the help of her friends that got her through those tough moments, Adele admitted, “My friends would always say ‘hold on’ when I felt like those lyrics in the verse. It was just exhausting trying to keep going with it.”

“It’s a process… a divorce, the process of being a single parent, the process of not seeing your child every single day wasn’t really a plan that I had when I became a mum,” she continued. “The process of arriving for yourself every single day, the process of turning up for yourself every single day and still running a home, running a business.”

Acknowledging that other divorced or single parents can surely relate to what she went through, she added, “So many people will know what I’m talking about and I juggle those things as well and I just sometimes felt like not doing it anymore. And also trying to move forward but with intention, not just trying to get out of it for no reason. It made my feet hurt, walking through all that concrete.”

Adele’s chat with Winfrey is sure to be filled with honest admissions and hilarious moments aplenty, and we cannot wait to see it all unfold.

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