This Hack For Cleaning Beauty Blenders Is Going Viral

The tools we use to apply a face become chock full of old product, dirt and bacteria so it’s important to clean them regularly. But let’s be honest, that process is a pain 

Fortunately, one woman has taken to Twitter to share a hack for cleaning beauty blenders in seconds and it is MAGIC.

“Apparently putting your beauty blenders in the microwave cleans them,” Julianna Asouzu captioned the video of herself testing the theory. “Let’s see if this works.”

The 19-year-old then showed a picture of the popular makeup tool after being zapped, looking as good as new.

“It was literally brown and now it’s back to its original colour,” she says.

Her video has gone viral racking up over two million views with many trying the trick for themselves.

It’s important to note that she placed the beauty blenders in a cup of water with a bit of soap before microwaving the mix for about a minute.

One person must have missed that essential step…

But others who followed her instructions to the letter were pretty stoked with the results.

Just be super careful of the hot water when you’re squeezing out the beauty blender afterwards. 

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