These are the five BEST looking breasts according to men AND women

These are the five BEST looking pairs of breasts according to men AND women (and size is NOT the be-all, end-all)

  • Scientists in New York say they have found the best shape for someone’s breasts
  • It includes having breasts that are moderately sized with volume in the top area
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The ideal breast size and shape have been revealed in a new study — and size is not the most important factor.

Researchers asked around 1,000 men and women to score pictures of more than two dozen breasts for attractiveness.

They found those that were moderately sized and had more volume in the area above the nipples — called ‘upper pole fullness’ — scored highest.

Nipples that were closer together also scored high, as did perky breasts. But size and symmetry did not appear to be crucial. 

The above image shows the five sets of breasts that were ranked as most attractive by the more than 1,000 men and women who reviewed the images. They were all moderately sized and had more volume in the area above the nipples

For the study, the researchers from New York University used images of the breasts of women who had surgery consultations between 2009 and 2019.

These individuals were all 47 years old and most likely had not previously undergone any breast enhancement surgery.

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Kaeleen Stammers, from the UK, dropped six cup sizes to a 34F after having an operation to reduce her breasts. 

The images were then shown to 1,021 people, 52 percent of whom were women. 

Participants were asked to score the breasts from one to five based on their perception of attractiveness, with a five being reserved for the most attractive breasts and a one for the least.

Results showed that the breasts scored 2.5 on average. But the five best breasts had an average score of 3.1.

As well as having more upper volume and being moderately sized compared to the other breasts, the top ones had a significantly smaller distance between the nipples.

The five breasts had an average volume of 300 cm3.

It was also notable that the top two images for attractiveness did not have symmetrical breasts. 

In the study, the researchers, led by plastic surgeon Dr Jonathan Bekisz, said: ‘In attempting to identify hallmark characteristics or traits that correlated with perception of attractiveness, only a projected breast contour was found to be associated with an increased subjective survey score.

‘However, no other singular feature significantly impacted opinions about breast aesthetics, a finding that is perhaps reflective of the wide variations in personal preferences and the way individuals determine what they find attractive.

‘Alternatively, it may suggest that the overall global appearance may bear more significance on one’s assessment than the presence or absence of certain individual breast components.’

Limitations of the study include that it looked at ratings from both men and women and that it did not include the full range of breast sizes and shapes.

They added that the use of photographs in the study may have hindered participants’ ability to ‘fully appreciate’ certain aspects of breasts.

About 600,000 women go for breast surgery every year in the United States alone, aiming to enhance their appearance.

Ahead of this many go for aesthetic or reconstructive surgery consultations to help them talk over with an expert what changes they want to their breasts. 

The study was published in the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery — Global Open. 

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