The hairdresser could save your life

You may be a pro at monitoring your skin for suspect moles, but have you thought to check your scalp? For one woman, a visit to her hair colourist turned out to be a lifesaver.

When former TV health reporter Eileen Korey went for her regular hair appointment, her colourist made an alarming discovery. “Because we take such little partings on our touch ups and on our highlights, we can see pretty much the whole entire scalp,” colourist Kari Phillips told WKYC Channel 3 in the US. While doing Korey’s hair, Phillips noticed a suspect mole on her scalp and urged her to see a dermatologist.

Luckily, Korey followed her advice – the mole on her scalp turned out to be melanoma. “She hadn’t seen it a month ago. So this is how fast it appeared,” said Korey. Thankfully, it was caught in the early stages, so she will only need surgery to remove the melanoma.

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Aussies have extra incentive to be on the lookout. Melanoma is the third most common cancer in Australian women, after breast and bowel cancer, reports the Melanoma Institute Australia. And almost 14,000 Aussies are expected to be diagnosed with it this year.

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A regular skin check from a medical professional is essential, but also ask your hairstylist to be on the lookout for moles or lesions that could be lurking. You can also check your scalp when it’s wet – it’s easier that way. Plus, as always, sun protection is key to help prevent melanomas in the first place. Where’s your cute sunhat at?

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