Emily Skye Reveals The Lengths She’s Gone To Trying To Bring On Labour

Like any mum at 40 weeks along, in the middle of an Aussie summer – Emily Skye is pretty keen to get that baby out already.

The fitness mogul has been sharing regular updates about the progression of her first pregnancy on social media, including the lengths she’s gone to in a bid to bring on labour.

“I’m sure I have tried every single trick and old wives tale to try to induce labour but nothing seems to be working so far!” she wrote on Sunday.

And today, the 32-year-old posted another attempt at getting her little girl out.

“I call this the ‘Bikini Baby Belly Boogie’, this takes belly dancing to a WHOLE new level right?!”

“This poor little girl has a nut bag as a mother, no wonder she doesn’t want to get out!” she added.

“P.S. I’m more than happy to give dance lessons to ALLLLL who are interested in learning MAAA MOOOOVES!”

Emily says she has been getting regular Braxton Hicks contractions as well as period type pains and aching in her lower back and sides.

“It’s so hard to know what’s a sign of labour or not. Every niggle I have I think “is THIS it?!” Haha!”

Emily’s situation is super common – only around five per cent of women give birth on the exact date they are due and most medical professionals will let pregnant women go up to two weeks over. However, after 42 weeks the baby’s health might be at risk and induction options will be considered. 

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