5 Morning Rituals Guaranteed To Set You Up For Success

Early mornings in winter can be filled with excuses! We force ourselves into believing why staying in bed is totally justified. We are all guilty of hitting snooze, curling up and taking an extra 10 minutes or so…

However, whether you’re an AM person or not, the manner in which we start our morning has an incredible impact on our energy levels, mindset and on how the day’s events play out.  

As a Business Coach and Mentor for Small Business Owners, it’s my role to keep my clients in their optimal mindset so they can focus to perform at their peak. They stay more ahead, are more productive and stayed motivated for longer because so. 

I’m all about maximising time, efficiency and making the most of every day.

Below are 5 of the morning rituals I personally do to set myself up for a successful day:

1. Early to rise

Tackle the day nice and early so you don’t need to worry about not having time to fit everything in. This will help you stay on top of your to-do-list so you don’t get overwhelmed. I normally begin my day at around 5 am when I like to exercise using an App. Starting the day with exercise helps to align my mind, gives me some ‘me’ time before the rest of my family wakes us and gives me an extra boost of energy that is added to with a healthy breakfast! 

2. Basket at the door

Searching for your wallet, keys or important paperwork in the morning can really cause major delays and put you in a tense state of mind. Anything needed in the morning should be placed in the basket beside the door the evening prior. This is a great way to prevent these stressful last-minute searches. Things like your handbag, papers, products, laptop and anything else needed should always be organised and placed in the basket. As a Business Coach, I’m constantly meeting with clients and brands, often racing out the door at extremely early hours. By devising this new system of having a place where I know my most important items are going to be, I have saved myself so much time and have given myself the gift of peace of mind. 

3. A fresh and tidy work zone 

During the day my desk can quickly become extremely cluttered and out of order. This is why at the end of each day l make it a priority to clear and file all documents. Having a clear working space lets me start the day with a fresh mind and means I’m able to stay dedicated and focused. By tidying up my desk the night before, I do not have to start my work day by fussing over this and I can just jump straight into it.

4. Know what’s ahead

Checking your calendar quickly before the days gets underway is a great way to prepare your mind for what is to come. Though I organise my days ahead of time, spending a minute at the beginning of the day is a great way to prepare yourself for what is ahead. Spend a maximum of one minute doing this, as you don’t want to become sidetracked. Simply flicking through your calendar to see high-level detail is a great way to refresh your mind of the day’s workflow and will ensure you do not forget any important meetings or appointments. 

5. Plan for work/life balance

Many up-and-coming entrepreneurs don’t believe they can afford to take time away from work, although the fact is that they can’t afford to not. Diarising the activities you love to do away from work is so important. By scheduling this time, I have found I’ve become more productive at work and squeeze more into my day when I know I have something exciting coming up or something I love to do. 

Alison Morgan is one of Australia’s leading Business Coaches, specialising in helping health, fitness, wellness and lifestyle businesses grow their brand and profile. With over 20 years experience in Marketing and over six years of Private Business Coaching clients with her company relauncher.com.au, Alison knows how to create successful businesses and maintain a balanced lifestyle.          

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