These are the 7 health mistakes women make in their 30s

When it comes to our bodies, we seem to be their worst enemies. Most lifestyle diseases begin because of wrong habits that we have cultivated for a long time. Many of these conditions can be prevented if we take care to make the correct lifestyle choices.

As far as women are concerned, by the time they are in their 30s, they should be aware of certain factors and take care of their bodies and follow healthy habits which will ultimately help them in the future. Here is a list of mistakes which women should not continue making in their 30s:

Not finding time to exercise

Having a healthy weight is very important – and exercise is vital to be able to achieve that. Saying that we don’t have time to exercise is one of the oldest excuses in the book, and you should understand that even 15 minutes of exercise daily goes a long way in achieving fitness levels.

No exercise routine

You need to have your workout planned beforehand. This means that you should not be thinking what exercises you shall be doing when you are ready to workout. Whether it’s a home workout where you do jumping jacks, push ups, stretching, skipping and more, it’s better to have a certain set of exercises planned before starting your workout.

Sitting too much

Computer have become an integral part of our lives, but it also means that we end up sitting 8-9 hours daily at work. This is extremely bad for your health and you need to take breaks to get up every once in a while and walk or just stand for some time to reduce the negative effects of sitting for too long.

Yo-yo diet

Yo-yo diets come and go, and should not be taken seriously. Weight loss is a process and needs to be followed regularly and we should not be looking for quick fix solutions because they only mess up your metabolism and affect your body. Balance is the key, whether it is diet or exercise and that is what you should be following during your weight loss journey.

Not being able to cook

Not being able to make food is a big disadvantage because when your cook doesn’t come you are forced to order from outside, spending extra money and eating something unhealthy most of the time.

Lack of water

Most people don’t drink enough water, even though everybody knows how vital it is to drink those eight glasses of water. Not drinking enough water could lead a dip in energy levels, headaches and not wanting to eat healthy, apart from the possibility of developing kidney stones.

Not eating healthy

Regularly eating junk food or eating out often is not going to do anything positive for your health. You need to include healthy foods items in your diet chart, along with fruits and enough vegetables.

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First Published: Aug 06, 2018 09:28 IST

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