Would you eat spaghetti on a first date? Nadia Sawalha reveals her funny dating experience with pasta

We just love Nadia Sawalha. The Loose Women panellist is adored for her down to earth humour and passion for home cooking. The former winner of Celebrity Masterchef took to her Instagram page on Wednesday to share photos of her delicious-looking vegan linguine, telling her followers about a funny memory of hers involving spaghetti and dating. We all know that the slippery pasta dish does not bode well for elegant eating, but Nadia ignored all that fancy dining finery when she first met her husband Mark Adderley and ordered spag bol on their second date. Her recollection of the occasion and her fans' comments are so funny.

Photo credit: Instagram / Nadia Sawalha

Nadia wrote: "God poor @mark_adderley having to sit opposite me eating! Ha ha ha I love my food!! Mark says he remembers being really shocked at how I ate when I ordered a massive bowl of spaghetti Bol on our second date! Ahh well at least he knew what he was getting into!! What do you think is the trickiest food to eat on a date?! What would put you right off?!"

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Watch Nadia cook her vegan linguine recipe

One fan told Nadia: "That's the only way to eat pasta," and another said, "Hmm spaghetti is pretty tricky or anything that's in a sauce as I always manage to get it all over me. I need a huge bib that covers me and the table." One follower commented: "Wouldn't eat spaghetti or for me tomato soup on a first date. I always end up dripping it down my front especially when I am wearing a white or cream top."

Nadia with her husband Mark and their daughters

There were more endearing tales, with a fan telling Nadia: "Lol, we went to a pub on our first date just for a drink. I decided I wanted a chocolate cake. Scoffed the lot and had bits of choc in my teeth! Still together 20 years later."

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Nadia shared several photos of herself eating her new linguine dish 'the proper way'. The meal looks so delicious, featuring broccoli, walnuts, garlic, basil, lashings of olive oil and the linguine pasta. The star shared a link to the full recipe clip on her Instagram Stories. Yum!

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