Trader Joe's Has a New S'Mores Brownie Treat & This Is the Best Way To Serve Them

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Ice cream, Popsicles, and snow cones are great and everything, but there’s one summer desser that truly stands above all the rest: s’mores. There’s just something about that combination of graham crackers, melted chocolate, and gooey marshmallow that calls to us, bringing us back to summer nights when life was simpler, and our only concern was how to make sure our marshmallow got toasted enough to help melt the chocolate in our s’mores without catching fire. But what about when the craving for s’mores hits, and there’s no campfire or grill full of nearly spent coals waiting for your toasting stick? This summer, we’ve already managed to sate some of our cravings with Costco’s new Kirkland S’mores Caramel Clusters (a must-buy, in our opinion!), but now Trader Joe’s is entering the arena with a new s’mores dessert that trades chocolate bars for brownies.

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Trader Joe’s new S’mores Bars have “a format similar to our lemon bars,” says the company. They feature a graham cracker crumb crust, a fudgy browny center, and a gooey toasted marshmallow top layer. The bars come frozen, and you’re supposed to let them thaw before you dig in. But the best way to enjoy these new s’mores bar treats just might be in the air fryer.


Trader Joe’s says that those who “miss the warmth of traditional s’mores” can heat these bars up in the oven or in an air-fryer, and if you’re anything like us, we’ll always opt for the air-fryer, especially in the summer when we don’t want to heat up the whole house by turning on the oven.


Instagrammer @TraderJoesList decided to test which way is better. They tried the new s’mores bars both thawed from frozen, and air-fried. The consensus? While it’s “absolutely” worth buying in general, they said the air-fried s’mores bars tasted more special, while the thawed ones would be an easy and delicious dinner party dessert.

In the comments, others said that “they were a hit,” and one person even shared, “I just got them today and couldn’t wait to thaw. Those are good frozen too lol.” Frozen, thawed, or air-fryed, the only thing better than Trader Joe’s new S’mores Bars might be hauling out your Hershey’s S’mores Kit and starting a campfire for the real deal.

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