Costco Just Brought Back This Hearty Comfort Food Favorite That's Great for Busy Weeknights

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We love shopping at Costco any time of year, but if we’re being analytical about it, fall is when they really start dropping all of their biggest hits. Their made-in-house pumpkin pies are one of the first tastes of fall we treat ourselves to each year, and their muffin selection — pumpkin streusel are our favorites — can’t be beat. But the savory options aren’t to be missed. Costco’s rotisserie chicken is affordable and can be turned into about a million fast dinners, but for days when we really don’t have time for any kitchen creativity, Costco’s read-made meals are where it’s at. And they just brought back a hearty fall favorite that’s perfect for chilly autumn nights when you’ve been running around all day: Shepherd’s Pie.

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Shepherd’s pie is definitely one of the most comforting cold-weather meals out there, and Costco’s version is big enough to feed a crowd. Though in England a traditional shepherd’s pie is technically made with ground lamb, while beef makes it a cottage pie, in the US it seems like shepherd’s pie is usually made with beef, and the Costco version adheres to that tradition.

Each Costco shepherd’s pie is made with ground beef, beef au jus, Burgundy wine, carrots, corn, peas, mushrooms, and onions, and is topped with a cloud of fluffy mashed potatoes. It’s pretty affordable, too, at just $3.79 a pound, and according to Instagram account @CostcoDeals, most of them cost about $20 total. Not bad for a meal that can feed the whole family, especially when you think about how much the individual ingredients would cost to make the pie, and the time you’d have to take out of your day to actually make one.

According to commenters on Instagram, the pie is pretty delicious. Someone called it “the absolute BEST premade meal Costco makes,” though others noted that the pie used to have cheese on top. “Put the cheese back on the top! Stop being so cheap!” So, those who do pick up a shepherd’s pie from Costco might want to add some shredded cheese on top while it heats up in the oven, for a bit of extra cozy flavor.

This is just one of many quick and easy dinner options available at Costco, so if you feel like you’re always struggling to put a satisfying meal on the table, the selection of ready-made dinners alone might be worth the cost of your Costco membership.

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