Shawn Johnson Marks the 50th Anniversary of Title IX With Adorable Video of Daughter Drew Playing Sports

Today is the 50th anniversary of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 being passed in the U.S., which prohibits sex-based discrimination in any education programs or activities that receive federal assistance. Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson marked this special anniversary with the cutest video of her 2-year-old daughter Drew playing sports.

Johnson, who shares Drew and 11-month-old son Jett with husband Andrew East, shared the Instagram post sponsored by Dick’s Sporting Goods on June 23.

In it, Drew cycles through a variety of sports — and she is so good at all of them! She wears a blue princess dress while she practices kicking, doing yoga poses, and spinning like a ballerina. Drew shoots a basket through a toddler-sized hoop while wearing a watermelon swimsuit, as her mom and baby brother cheer her on.

Drew also kicks a soccer ball, does a somersault, swings a bat at a tee-ball, and jumps in the swimming pool in the video. She is so proud of herself!

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“June 23rd marks the 50th anniversary of Title IX, which changed the face of gender equality and women’s sports forever,” Johnson wrote. “I wouldn’t be where I am today without the passage of this legislation. When I see my baby girl, I want her to have every opportunity to succeed and play whatever sport she wants (or no sports if that’s her preference!).”

She added, “Here’s to giving all of our babies the world they are dreaming of. Honored I get to partner with companies like @caliafitness and @dicksportinggoods who celebrate women the way they do. To learn more about Title IX’s impact on athletes and join the conversation, follow #StrongerWithSport #DKSPartner #CALIAPartner.”

Today, the Biden Administration proposed new legislation that would ensure Title IX’s protection against sex discrimination includes sexual orientation and gender identity protections, per NBC. This would give landmark protections to transgender students (something the current regulation doesn’t address). Additionally, the changes would revoke Trump administration mandates around sexual misconduct that have been said to discriminate against victims.

“Our proposed changes would fully protect students from all forms of sex discrimination, instead of limiting some protections to sexual harassment alone, and make clear those protections include discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity,” Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona told reporters Thursday.

The full proposal can be read here.

“Happy 50th anniversary of the passing of Title IX and the legislation, and to my baby girl, cheers to hoping you have every opportunity you could ever want,” Johnson added in her Instagram Stories today.

Here’s to all the kids who want to succeed in sports, no matter their sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity!

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