PM Narendra Modi birthday: 5 inspiring quotes on raising kids

PM Narendra Modi Birthday Quotes: As PM Narendra Modi turns 69, we take a look at some of his inspiring thoughts on raising kids, from helping kids bond with nature to managing exam stress.

PM Narendra Modi Birthday: The Prime Minister’s fondness for kids has been seen and appreciated by all. Be it spending time with his ‘special friend’, an infant, at the parliament or conducting engaging sessions on school exams, PM Modi has time and again showed his ability to bond with and reach out to kids easily. So much so that he has become a household name now.

On the occasion of PM Modi’s 69th birthday, we take a look at some of his inspiring thoughts on raising kids.

1. On putting undue pressure on kids

Speaking at Pariksha Pe Charcha 2.0 this year, PM Modi pointed out how some parents tend to flaunt their “child’s report card as their visiting card”. “I would request parents not to make the achievements of their child a matter of social prestige. Every child is blessed with unique talents,” he said.



A very special friend came to meet me in Parliament today.

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2. On balancing IQ and EQ

PM Modi also said, “We all have heard of IQ (Intelligent Quotient) and EQ (Emotional Quotient). It is essential that we have a healthy balance between IQ and EQ. Emotional bonding is extremely important for the overall development of a human being. Intelligence without an emotional connect will not be able to give the optimum benefit. IQ might guarantee you some success, but it is EQ that gives your aim, your mission a purpose.”

3. On bonding with nature

Not many children are able to interact with nature, thanks to their busy schedule apart from the lack of adequate outdoor spaces. In the much-talked-about episode of Man vs Wild with Bear Grylls, the Prime Minister expressed, “You should never be afraid of nature because when we think that we are in conflict with nature is when the problem starts.”

4. On fitness

Earlier this year, at the launch of Fit India movement, PM Modi said, “Whatever profession you are in, if you have to bring efficiency in your profession then mental and physical fitness is important…whoever is fit touches the sky. If the body is fit, the mind is hit.” Lack of play and addiction to screens are only adding to health challenges for kids. Parents, therefore, need to adopt a healthy and fit lifestyle at home and teach their kids the same.

5. On managing exam stress

To motivate kids to cope with exam stress, the Prime Minister said at Pariksha Pe Charcha, “We must know how to ‘defocus’, learn how to destress. We should take time out to go out and play, listen to some music, do some art, in order to leave the tensions of our studies behind for a while… We must also connect with nature. Appreciate nature. That at times works as a great stress-buster. “

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