New children’s books by Indian authors released in August 2019

Based on topics ranging from Indian history to inspirational women game changers, here are some children's books released in August that you can pick from for your kids.

Wondering what books to buy for your child? Here is a list of recently published children’s books that you can pick from:

My Blue Elephant by Vidya Varadarajan (Age 3+)

Illustrated by Zainab Tambawalla, this picture book is about a little girl who has a pet elephant but nobody knows of its existence. Published by Scholastic India

The Story of Buddha The Enlightened One by Tripti Nainwal (Age 7+)

With beautiful illustrations, this book narrates the story of Buddha and how he became the enlightened one, showing how his journey is relevant even today. Published by Good Earth

Rattu and Poori’s Adventures in History: 1857 by Parvati Sharma (Age 6+)

Rattu and her older sister Poorie encounter two 19th century soldiers. The kids go back in time to the Uprising of 1857 where they meet Lakshmi Bai, Bahadur Shah Zafar and other personalities. Published by Puffin Books

10 Indian Women Who Were the First to Do What They Did by Shruthi Rao (Age 10+)

This book celebrates 10 Indian women who were pioneers in diverse fields. Their success stories will surely inspire children. Published by Duckbill Books.

Kings and Queens of India: All About the Famous Rulers and Dynasties that Shaped the Country by Anu Kumar (Age 11+)

As the title suggests, the book takes you through stories about the most powerful rulers in Indian history, from Kanishka to Tipu Sultan, who played a major role in shaping the country. Published By Hachette India

Mouse Attack: The Amazing Adventures of Arvee the Mouse by Magnolia (Age 11+)

Arvee is a scholarly mouse who is horrified to find out that he has to leave the laboratory to live as a house pet. He moves to his new house but finds it lonely and boring. Published by Hachette india

Mouse Invaders: The Exciting Escapades of Arvee the Mouse by Magnolia (Age 11+)

Arvee, who is back after his travels, finds out that his friend Ellie and her family are in trouble. And Arvee desperately tries to help them. Published by Hachette India

A Treasury of Tales from the Katha Sarita Sagara by Jayashree Bhat (Age 8+)

This book is a collection of stories from Kathasaritasagara retold by the author and illustrated by Chayya Prabhat. Published by Hachette India

Sion’s Misfortune by Chen Jiafei (Age 7+)

This tells the story of a fortune teller called Sion who lives in an ancient Chinese kingdom with his son and horse. Things take a turn when misfortune hits him. The folktale has been illustrated by Wang Ran. Published by Karadi Tales

The Girl Who Ironed Her Hair and Other Stories by Lalita Iyer (Age 8+)

Illustrated by Sheena Deviah, this book follows adventurous Lalli and her brother Shivi who indulge in madcap escapades. Published by Scholastic India

India Through People: 25 Gamechangers by Devika Cariappa ( Age 10+)

As suggested by the title, the book is is about 25 game changers and their inspiring success stories. Published by Tulika Books

Stories for South Asian Supergirls by Raj Kaur Khaira (Age 5+)

This book is a collection of stories of 50 famous and under-celebrated women from several Asian countries, from Afghanistan to Sri Lanka. Published by Harper Collins

Strange Things (Age 7+)

Published by The Young Chronicle, this is yet another collection of 12 Sci-Fi stories written by kids for kids and are a combination of science and emotion.

The Weightlifting Princess by Sowmya Rajendran (Age 5+)

Illustrated by Debasmita Dasgupta, the book is about a weightlifting princess who is eager to win a championship and does not await a Prince Charming who would woo her. Published by Pratham Books.

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