Muslim Baby Girl Names With Gorgeous Meanings

The world’s 1.8 billion Muslims live all across the globe, from Canada to Singapore, Russia to South Africa. Muslim names, as a result, come in many different languages, in addition to Arabic, which is the language of the holy Quran. You’ll find Muslim names in Urdu, Turkish, English, Persian, French and many more languages.

Because they are found all over the world, Muslim names usually have many different variant spellings and pronunciations. For example, Ayesha, which is one of the most popular Muslim girl names, can be spelled A’aisha, Aisha, AischaAichaAishatAisyah, Ayşe or Aixa. How’s that for ensuring your baby is unique among millions?

While the names may vary in origin, they all have one thing in common: their honorable meanings. In Islam, it’s considered important to choose names that have virtuous or spiritual meanings behind them. That’s because Muslims believe that one’s name is reflective of one’s future, deeds and personality. As a result, you certainly won’t find Muslim names that have any violent or offensive connotations. 

We’ve gathered some of the most melodic Muslim names for girls — with beautiful meanings deserving of your little one, whether or not you’re raising them traditionally Muslim.

Ayesha – Life, vivacious, wife of the Prophet 

Aliya – High social standing 

Amal – Hopes, aspirations 

Amira – Imperial 

Aida – Returning 

Amaya – Night rain 

Amber – Responsible 

Anya – Gracious 

Azka – Pious 

Baseema – Smiling 

Benazir – Incomparable  

Chandni – Moonlight 

Dunya – Life, world 

Durriya – Sparkling 

Elma – Apple 

Erum – Heaven 

Ezza – Honor, respect 

Fairoz – Turquoise 

Faiza – Gain 

Falisha – Happiness 

Fatima – The Prophet’s daughter 

Farah – Sunset 

Gazala – Charming 

Gulbano – Rose 

Habiba – Beloved 

Hannah – Affection 

Haseenah – Beautiful 

Hiba – Gift  

Huda – Guidance 

Huma – Mythical bird 

Ilham – Intuition  

Imani – Faith 

Inaya – Gift of Allah 

Isra – Journey by night  

Jameela – Beautiful 

Jasmine – Flower 

Jenna – Paradise or heaven 

Kalila – Beloved 

Kamila – Perfect, complete 

Khadijah – First wife of the Prophet 

Kyda – Strong 

Leila – Beauty of the night 

Lana – Wool 

Latifa – Friendly, humorous  

Lina – Palm tree 

Lulu – Pearl 

Luna – Moon 

Maha – Large eyes 

Mariam – Mother of Isa (Jesus) 

Mishael – Light 

Masooma – Innocent 

Maya – Princess 

Mehr – Full moon 

Nabila – Noble 

Nadia – Hope 

Nafisa – Princess 

Naima – Powerful 

Natasha – Strong 

Nazuk – Delicate 

Nelofur – Lotus flower 

Nisha – Whole world 

Nyla – Winner, champion  

Omera – Great personality 

Pariza – Fairy 

Parveen – Noble 

Qindeel – Light 

Qadira – Capable, powerful 

Rafia – Sublime 

Rahila – One who travels 

Rahima – Compassionate 

Rameesha – Bouquet of roses 

Rania – Queen 

Rizwana – Pleasure  

Roma – Truthful 

Roshini – Light 

Ruhi – Cotton, soul 

Sadia – Lucky 

Safa – Clarity of mind 

Saira – Happy 

Salma – Peaceful 

Sana – Brilliance 

Shahida – Witness 

Shayla – Little mountain  

Sofia – Beautiful 

Summar – Gifts 

Taia – Star 

Tanisha – Happiness 

Thana – Happy occasion  

Tisha – Lively 

Uzma – Greatest 

Veeda – Evident  

Wardah – Rose 

Yalina – Gentle 

Yara – Small butterfly 

Yumna – Good fortune 

Yusra – Prosperous 

Zara – Beautiful flower 

Zohra – Jewels in the sky 

Zoya – Alive, loving and caring  

Zubi – Understanding 

Zyva – Radiant  

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