Kate Middleton discusses attachment parenting during charity visit. Here’s what it means

Kate Middleton, who has been working on early childhood development herself, discussed the theory of attachment parenting at a charity event recently.

Kate Middleton has been appreciated by many for her parenting skills, including the likes of other celeb moms like Anne Hathaway.

The Duchess of Cambridge once again grabbed eyeballs when she paid a visit to the Family Nurse Partnership, a voluntary home visiting programme for first-time parents. The mother to three kids interacted with first-time mothers about pregnancy and children’s health and development.

Kate, who has been working on early childhood years herself, also discussed the scientific theory of attachment parenting.


What is attachment parenting?

Attachment parenting was devised by psychologist John Bowlby. The term was finally coined in the 60s by developmental psychologist Mary Ainsworth. This parenting theory ensures babies grow up feeling emotionally secure.

The idea behind attachment parenting is that babies who experience loving and stimulating relationships with parents will eventually be emotionally and physically satisfied and happy. The process begins right from pregnancy, where proponents of attachment parenting believe in eliminating negative thoughts and feelings about pregnancy.

Another effective way to bond with the baby is through breastfeeding which shows infants that parents will listen to their cues and fulfill their needs.

Attachment parenting also advises maximum skin-to-skin touching including kangaroo care, baths and baby wearing.

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