International Literacy Day 2019: Gappu Can’t Dance — Short story for kids

International Literacy Day: Everyone giggles and points as Gappu gets it wrong. But Komal Ma’am knows what to do. She tells the class, “Follow Gappu!”

International Literacy Day: Everyone in Class 1A knows Gappu can’t dance. When the students raise their left hand, she raises her right! Can Komal Ma’am get Gappu to dance? A story about the joy of dancing, using the concept of opposites. This picture book is one if the two books chosen by its publisher Pratham Books to be read to thousands of children across India during its One Day One Story campaign for World Literacy Day.

Written by Menaka Raman, illustrated by Krishna Chandran

Komal Ma’am is showing 1A

Dance steps for Wednesday’s class play.

Thaka dhimi thai!

“Lift your left hand high.”

Uh-oh! Gappu lifts her right hand.

Gappu can’t dance!

Bippity bop bop boom!

“Run fast around the room.”

Uh-oh! Gappu is too slow.

Gappu can’t dance!

Thaka-dina-din tak!

“Everybody jump up.”

Uh-oh! Gappu sits down.

Gappu can’t dance!

Dooby doop diddly din din!

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“Put your right leg in.”

Uh-oh! Gappu puts her right leg out.

Gappu can’t dance!

Everyone giggles and points,

As Gappu gets it wrong.

But Komal Ma’am knows what to do.

She tells the class, “Follow Gappu!”

Thaka dhimi thai!

Some hands low, some hands high.

Bippity bop bop boom!

Fast and slow around the room.

Thaka-dina-din tak!

It doesn’t matter if you’re down or up.

Dooby doop diddly din din!

Just make sure you join in.

Gappu CAN dance.

And so can you!

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