With as little as 2 glasses per day: Who drinks Light drinks, has a higher heart attack risk

That soft drinks are not the healthiest of drinks, is widely known. But who thinks to do it with Light drinks better, is also incorrect: researchers from the world health organization have now found that soft drinks, whether sugar – or sweetener-containing, can increase the risk of death.

Two glasses, so half a Liter of soft drinks per day, increases the risk of death from various diseases. It makes no difference whether the drinks are sweetened with normal sugar or sweeteners. This is the result of a Europe-wide long-term study by the world health organization (WHO), the results of which were published in the journal “Jama”.

The researchers of the International Agency for research on cancer the WHO found that two glasses of á which soft drinks 250 ml per day regardless of which can increase mortality. Accordingly, the risk of death of these sodas-consumer is 17 percent higher than that of people with less than a glass of soft drinks in a month.

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Light drinks increase risk for cardiovascular disease

The mortality rate for people with normal sugar sweetened drinks increased, especially for diseases of the digestive tract. Those who consumed Light products, had more often problems with the circulatory System.

Sugary beverages represent, according to the study, as well as for overweight as normal weight people have a risk. The scientists suspect that it could be the high glycemic Index of sugar-sweetened beverages. Because of this increase the Glucose level in the blood and can lead to insulin resistance and inflammation.

For both types of soft drinks study is increasing, according to the WHO, the risk for Parkinson’s disease, but not for Alzheimer’s or cancer.

The connection to cancer, a further study was, however, in July:

Researchers from the University of Paris, accompanied in the framework of the large-scale study “NutriNet-Santé” more than 100,000 French adults over a period of about five years. They found that 100 milliliters of sugar – or sweetener-containing drinks can boost of the day the risk for cancer in General, up to 18 per cent for breast cancer as much as 22 percent.

Also, further investigations have dealt with the consequences of sweetened soft drinks:

The American Heart Association published in February, a study found that consuming two or more sweetened beverages per day can increase the risk for various heart diseases. This includes strokes caused by a blood clot and heart attacks count.

Light drinks will increase the risk for various diseases

In addition, the “Harvard School of Public Health has” then that earlier studies on a connection between Light beverages and the risk for stroke, dementia, type-2 Diabetes, obesity and the metabolic syndrome, which, in turn, can lead to heart disease and Diabetes close behind.

For your current WHO study the researchers have accompanied more than 450,000 people from ten European countries, in some cases up to 19 years. 41.693 of them died during the period.

To be clarified at the beginning of the study, the researchers, the General dietary habits of the participants in a conversation and they let in the connection, depending on the country, either regularly questionnaires to fill out your diet and your state of health, or carried with them for personal Interviews.

Observational studies can establish a causal connection

This and all similar studies, however, are to be treated with caution: you can only observe, but no direct correlations between the trigger and the disease recover.

Why exactly is the probability for some diseases was higher, so difficult to define – whether it was the type of sugar, drinks a certain drink, obesity, or a trigger that was not observed in the study, can’t find out the researchers so.

Generally speaking, a lot to be said, however, to refrain from sweetened drinks. Who water alone is too boring, could use spritzers, according to nutritionists Rahaf Al Bochi of the American “Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics”, for example, on Fruit. But again, there is a rule: It should not be more than 120 milliliters of juice per day, as he “explained to CNN”.