Is Being Healthy Really 20% Exercise And 80% Nutrition?

Have you heard it? That health and fitness is about 20% exercise and 80% nutrition.

This is something I hear clients talk about a fair bit. And while it’s not the unhealthiest mindset to have I think it’s best we have a bit of a chat about this one.

While it’s very true that you can’t exercise away a bad diet also need to know that if you’re trying to smash goals and look and feel great, you can’t focus your whole world on diet without taking a look at your exercise.

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It’s about balance guys. Here I go again…

But it’s true. I think people who don’t have this philosophy on life think those of us who choose to make health part of our lifestyle are in some sort of crazy cult. Maybe we secretly are but shhh don’t tell them that.

When you join us over on the “health is a lifestyle” side of the fence it’s so much easier to see that integrating a good diet and fun exercise (well fun-ish. No one likes burpees. No one.) into your whole life makes the process and the progress that much easier.

Fad diets? Ain’t nobody got time for those. But on the same token spending 4 hours on a treadmill (yes, I’ve met people who do this) to burn off the steady diet of burgers, pancakes and donuts you’ve been consuming 24/7? Ain’t nobody got time for that EITHER.

So what do I think the split is? 50/50 of course.

We all indulge sometimes, that’s totally fine. But if you treat your body nicely and don’t torture yourself over eating something bad you will find your balance. PLUS you’ll be way less likely to have a meltdown and binge.

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In addition to that, if you work exercise into your day to day routines then when you choose to chow down on a donut you won’t need to feel guilty because you know it will get worked out in the long run (mind the pun.)

I have a tonne of recipes that will show that healthy dishes can be just as quick, easy and delicious as the naughty stuff. And if you want to indulge sometimes? Do it.

Banana protein pancakes

Sweet potato fries

Creamy chicken: (SUCH a winner!)

Leah Itsines is part of the Women’s Health Fitfluential Network, she’s an Aussie food blogger on a mission to bring healthy back through the use of creativity in the kitchen. Leah believes that being healthy should be delicious and easy with an abundance of different foods!

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